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The Russian site is overrun with virii, and I couldn't get the link to work this time.. I'll just pop it up on Mediafire for ya.. Just don't post the link, please - as soon as Demonoid goes back up it will be on a torrent again...

There is a 2 part iso (rar), the plugins (that work with PC and Mac), and the crack, which I don't think you need to use.. I think it's already cracked. I'd install it first just to make sure..

Anyway, here are the links: Let me know when you get these downloaded and I'll make them private. - ISO Part 1 - ISO Part 2 - Plugins - The crack

Thanks so much Smile I'm downloading them now, should be finished within a few hours. You've made my day Tongue

EDIT: All downloaded, works great. Do you have any idea what version number the copy is? Because I cant determine if it is 1.0.2 or not, not find an update that doesnt link back to ambrosia's website Sad All plugins seem to be working right now but im not 100% sure.