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I've been using Mac's since 2001. My first was an iMac DV+ (Indigo), which I still have, upgraded to OS9.2.2 and no higher. I could've pushed it to Jaguar or Tiger but I like the relatively light footprint of OS9 and have lots of legacy software.

Following that I got (and still have) a Clamshell iBook 466SE in graphite, and rescued a mint Powerbook Duo, complete with Duo Dock and all software, from a skip!

Have been through quite a few Macs since then; a Blue & White G3 400, PowerMac G4 400 and am currently using a Dual 1Ghz G4 PowerMac and a 12" aluminium G4 Powerbook. I recently bought a Microsoft Surface, representing my first ever Windows purchase, but I'm about to return it and consider getting a newer 'old' Mac instead!