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ResEditX App 2019 Jul 4 - 6:38pm
Finder replacement Forum topic 2019 Jun 27 - 9:01am
Coding project Forum topic 2019 Jun 7 - 12:09am
ResEditX Forum topic 2019 May 28 - 10:51pm
Astarte Toast 2.5.6 App 2019 Mar 11 - 11:26pm
PowerMac Dual G5 2.5GHz goodwill auction US only Forum topic 2018 Dec 10 - 11:23am Forum topic 2018 Nov 6 - 4:26pm
Vertigo Game 2018 Sep 20 - 9:47pm
addition of documentation and code categories Forum topic 2018 Sep 1 - 9:23am
OSA Menu App 2018 Aug 30 - 1:26am
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HP DC7700 SFF 8GB Intel® Core™2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13GHz × 2
Mac OS X 10.8.2, Ubuntu 12.10, Windows 7

iBook G4
iBook G3 x 3
Power Macintosh G4

Strawberry iMac 64MB 333Mhz IBM PowerPC G3
Mac OS 9.2.2

Performa 6500 x 2
Power Macintosh 6200/75
Quadra 950
Macintosh Classic x 2

Josh Robert

Hi i've seen your old post from 2012 and im having troubles with AoM and i see you have the nocd crack of it, Do you mind if you share it with me??? thanks


When you look at posts made on the forum (not in comments of games and applications), there's a mail button on each user entry. I guess you can mail me this way, without my address being public Wink