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Hello, my name is Nicolas Bahamondes. I'm the creator of the "Cornica" Web Video Portal. I am entusiasmated helping to this directory of Mac Abandonware. Count with me always. The mascot I have as an avatar is James Stevens, it's part of an old blog I have, is located in

This is my official Macintosh Garden account.


Hola, mi nombre es Nicolas Bahamondes. Soy el creador del portal de videos "Cornica". Estoy entusiasmado en ayudar a este directorio de Abandonware para Mac. Cuenten conmigo siempre. La mascota que tengo de avatar se llama James Stevens, es parte de un blog antiguo que tengo, está en

Esta es mi cuenta oficial en Macintosh Garden.


Hello Nicolas: I saw your recent post about getting the 666 virus. Sorry to hear this. I had posted warnings in the Logic Audio pages and others. I also cleaned the infected files.
However I had noticed that you had DL'd this before I got to clean them up and I suspected there was a good chance you would be hit.

My recommendation is that you run Virex 6.1 from the MG (with the 2007 defs). This is very good at eradicating this nuisance. It is a nuisance as I was hit with it a couple of years back, too, and noticed that it spreads to each program you start up while it is active, increasing the infection. I was able to clean it out successfully but it took Virex & the 2007 defs to do the task completely.

All the best, Mike.


Very sorry, I didn't get this message. I am emailing you an sit of the 2.0 Seagull with the unlock key that worked for me.


Nicolas: I found out that most of the codes for Seagull player work great on version 2.0. Email me if you need a link to it - found one in Germany. Works great, just lacks the small controller window, but otherwise very good.


Yep. I'm interested in a copy of the Seagull Player. Please send me. Smile