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Digitizing paper documents? Forum topic 2014 Aug 12 - 10:48pm
Programming the Classic Mac (mid-2020 edition) Forum topic 2020 May 23 - 4:38am
HyperCard Game Jam! Forum topic 2020 Apr 6 - 5:43am
Final Cut Express HD 3.5 App 2019 Mar 7 - 2:02am
Macromedia Director 6 and Lingo Authorized App 2018 Nov 30 - 8:19am
Linotype FontExplorer X App 2019 Oct 14 - 8:57am
Adobe Soundbooth CS4 App 2018 Oct 23 - 7:02am
Emigre Signs of Type App 2018 Dec 31 - 7:01pm
Authorware Academic 2.2 App 2020 Apr 11 - 6:32am
ATI OpenGL Demos for Mac OS X App 2018 Sep 4 - 5:37am
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   A decentralised movement about returning freedoms to individuals can't also be about elevating a single individual to near-magical status. Heroes will always end up letting us down. We fix that by removing the need for heroes in the first place, not attempting to find increasingly perfect heroes.
   — Matthew Garrett


I have an unrelated request for you regarding the IA, hoping that you won't mind looking into it for me.

There's a broken CD image at the IA that I would like to see fixed: Claris Solutions Alliance 1995 R2

The CD iso download is 40MB in size. Downloading and mounting the image works fine. Everything looks OK on the mounted image. But try and copy items off the image and it all comes unstuck. Most of the data that should be on the iso, is missing. This iso's file size should be at least 180MB, not 40. I've tried to leave comments on that page but cannot seem to, don't know why. I see one other person has left a review message there earlier in the year, which hasn't been acted upon. This CD (should be) a complete collection of Claris Mac/Win software available at the time of pressing. It would be nice to see this one re-done correctly. So if you can pass on a message to the IA folks regarding this that would be great to see if it can be resolved.


Acknowledged. If I hear back again from Jason or anybody else, I'll try to bring it up.

Having a rough idea of how the IA operates and the small number of employees/volunteers that keep the lights on, it is unlikely that they still have the CD for a 2016 upload.

That would still be in Jason's department as far as I'm aware. Wouldn't hurt to ask politely.


Hallo! : ) The original hacker of Seven Colors here-- I'd love to talk with you about fixing the HikaruHana problem in the game. 8D E-mail me at legotronn2@gmail.com, when you can!