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Hex Fiend App 2019 Oct 28 - 3:36pm
Linotype FontExplorer X App 2019 Oct 14 - 8:57am
HyperDither App 2019 Oct 14 - 5:48am
Macromedia FreeHand MX App 2019 Oct 5 - 8:00pm
Altsys Corporation Newsletter App 2019 Oct 5 - 7:29pm
Adobe Fireworks CS4 App 2019 Oct 2 - 2:56am
BootXChanger App 2019 Sep 15 - 8:06pm
Nostalgia App 2019 Sep 1 - 7:17pm
F-Script App 2019 Aug 19 - 6:44am
Logic Express 8 App 2019 Mar 7 - 2:04am
Duality joined us in March 1, 2014, and has been a member for 5 years 37 weeks.
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No more false idols.

   A decentralised movement about returning freedoms to individuals can't also be about elevating a single individual to near-magical status. Heroes will always end up letting us down. We fix that by removing the need for heroes in the first place, not attempting to find increasingly perfect heroes.
   — Matthew Garrett


Hallo! : ) The original hacker of Seven Colors here-- I'd love to talk with you about fixing the HikaruHana problem in the game. 8D E-mail me at legotronn2@gmail.com, when you can!