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Hello I saw you had these two DVD's:

691-4909-A (DVD) eMac Software Install and Restore 1 of 2, Mac OS version 10.3.3, AHT version 2.2, DVD version 1.0

2Z691-4910-A (DVD) eMac Software Install and Restore 2 of 2, DVD version 1.1

I have been looking like mad for images of these. I was wondering if you could point me towards a link to an upload of these. I'd be eternally grateful, thanks you.


I've been using CS6 for several years now. I recently acquired a copy of Cinema 4D R17 that integrates quite nicely with After Effects CC 2014.

Earlier versions of C4D require me to go through a tedious export/import process each time I make an adjustment to my 3D model in C4D or to the 2D environment of AE.

I've been able to make this work but it takes FOREVER (and LOTS of patience) to get things "just right".

I hope you will share your CC license with me. But if its for a different version of CC than 2014, please give it to someone else. I won't be able to use it.


Gary Rice


Thanks for the msg about Bas,

if the gone site included some useful informations, they could also be copied into the description field (I should remember that, but don't do, even if I've used bigpond's port for a long time too).

I've no idea whether its better to stuff or zip all versions by Nigel at once (and be uploaded as one file), or every version separate. To keep the d/l area simple it would be a good idea to combine them into one d/l file.


I saw that you was able to dl the 8 discs os mac os anthology.
I have been trying without success (I am stopped at a low % since many weeks and I am dling nothing...).
Could it be possible for you to share with me some of the 8 discs, with the method you prefer?

Thanks in advance!