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A big thank you from me, mrdav. I liked your choice of upload too.


Hi mrdav, I have a favour to ask. Would you be able to move & link a couple of files to an external site for me? It looks like RS has finally killed my free account. The files in question are RtCW addons Project 51 & Timegate. Both have been archived here so should be available to you. I'm currently overseas for another 5 or 6 weeks. Anyway if you can that would be great. No rush tho'.


A while ago I've mentioned a Genesys DVD with multi languages on it.
Now I've to notice it's PC only, even if the box tells it contains PC/Mac.


Nice to see the Ocean Life here.

I could provide the "Hawaiian Islands" theme, English and German versions.
Also the "Great Barrier Reef" (German only), which comes on two CDs.


Hi Mrdav,

you're right about UltraISO, because this entry:

When I tried to create an image of this CD-ROM using Toast, it hangs at 92 % over night,
not even finished until noon time. I've stopped then.
Using UltraISO to create this CD-ROM, when reaching 92 %, it goes slowly until the end, but it has been finished.

I'm sure I should buy an UltraISO license now, it's really worth it.