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According max1zzz, I stumbled over Versailles, which is not on the internal server now.

Me, got an err msg trying to d/l that now, and trying to log in the external way (with http://www.max1zzz.co.uk:8000/Login and the "mg" word), but can't find the file in the large list.

Could add the German version, tho'.


Hi Mrdav, thanks for the hint about Blocksberg, which was my fault.

About Software MacKiew's PrintShop, unfortunately I lost Edition 3 of that software, which was burned on CD-ROM, which malfunctioned now.

Some years ago after burning this CD-ROM, I stopped burning CDs as backup media, but instead of I'm using external hard disk drives now.


First entry! Smile

Just wanted to leave a short "Thank you!" for uploading all the good stuff. Appreciated!