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I have many manuals and since I've started scanning CD Inlay covers, I realised that I should do these as well. I was thinking about taking the staples out and scanning the pages this way. I have no problems with Acrobat Pro, I just have no experience with it. I think I need to get an Acrobat for Dummies book.


Good morning,
I won an auction in England for about 220 Magazine CDs and DVDs. There are all of the cover discs from MacFormat since January 1995 as well as 50 discs from another mac magazine. When they arrive, there will be a new HD to send to you. I have anyway more stiff to send to you, mostly German versions of current games.
On another note, can you recommend a site for making PDFs? I don't have much experience with Acrobat.
All the best,


Hello mrdav! Yes, I still have the disks of 'Requiem' but not available at the moment. As soon as the storage comes my way I'll up them here!