Title Type Updated datesort icon
Focal Point II App 2020 Jul 12 - 8:48am
White Knight App 2020 Jul 11 - 10:37am
The Baby-Sitters Club: 4th Grade Learning Adventures Game 2020 Jul 11 - 8:05am
The Baby-Sitters Club: 3rd Grade Learning Adventures Game 2020 Jul 11 - 5:30am
Acknowledge App 2020 Jul 10 - 3:26pm
Wild Blue Yonder Episode 1: 50 Years of Gs and Jets App 2020 Jul 10 - 9:19am
Commandos Battle Pack Game 2020 Jul 7 - 10:27am
Command and Conquer: Generals Game 2020 Jul 7 - 10:26am
Fisher-Price Ready for Preschool Game 2020 Jul 7 - 8:45am
Fisher-Price Read & Play: Yolanda Yellsalot Game 2020 Jul 7 - 7:28am
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Hello mrdav,
I noticed on your upload of Specular BackBurner 2.6 that you asked for BackBurner 3.5 to be uploaded here. I have since done so and thought you might want to see it.
Thank you! Smile


This is true. In case of uploading, because of its different architecture as well, I would like to create a new entry (which remains invisible for now). Me, finally have not decided yet about uploading.

Sure, I hope it'll be back to the official stores at any time.


On the Glider 4.0 page, I've commented "What happened to the "Mac App Store" version of this game? Seems no longer to be available." It is still on my hard disk drive, so if you try to open the Mac App Store link, and get the same err msg, probably uploading this version (made in 2017) to the garden as well?

Even the links seen on MacUpdate are dead, since they re-direct to MAS:

Reply by mrdav: Since this release is less than 10 years old, it would need to satisfy one of the listed exceptions to qualify for uploading. The only relevant exception seems to be the second one (If a commercial software becomes "orphaned" etc). In my view we cannot assume that the software is "orphaned" just because the links to MAS no longer work. It is possible that a new version could appear. I don't think we should upload the MAS version while the developer webpage ( exists and the version is less than 10 years old. If a copy eventually appears elsewhere (e.g. Internet Archive) then we could link to that at any time.


Thank you for your contributions, your efforts are seriously appreciated by myself and everyone else in the retrocomputing community. I'm new here so I'm not sure if this site gives notifications, but I've had issues trying to get Fable TLC to work. I outlined the issue in the comments section of the game. Thanks again for your hard work!


Thank you.


Do you know what happened to the Wired server known as "The Macintosh Archive"?



thank you very much for the Macwelt DVD uploads.

The current Macwelt DVD 1, here at Macwelt DVD #1 "4400 MB Mac-Software" (2002), is most likely a predecessor of this one at Internetarchive:

This SW-Archive_2 describes itself as "4.4 GB of gratis ("free") tools on DVD", which is equal to the title of our current DVD#1 ("4,400 MB Mac software"). So I'm sure the other Macwelt DVD 2 seen on Internetarchive is very different. I must have missed them when they was current.


Hi Mrdav,

thanks for the notice at Journeyman Project Turbo,

I didn't see your notice until now.

It was not by intend to remove the notice, has been rmvd accidental.


Hi Mrdav, thanks for the hint about Blocksberg, which was my fault.

About Software MacKiew's PrintShop, unfortunately I lost Edition 3 of that software, which was burned on CD-ROM, which malfunctioned now.

Some years ago after burning this CD-ROM, I stopped burning CDs as backup media, but instead of I'm using external hard disk drives now.


First entry! Smile

Just wanted to leave a short "Thank you!" for uploading all the good stuff. Appreciated!