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Author of The Secret History of Mac Gaming. See the official website for more info and where to buy links: https://secrethistoryofmacgaming.com/

I'm also a freelance writer/journalist specialised in long-form features and games/tech history. My portfolio, if you're curious, is at richardmoss.contently.com

Feel free to contact me about anything through the guestbook form or email direct to my gmail address rich.c.moss


Thanks a bunch for your update to that page, mossy. Much appreciated - and accurate too (much of that archive is now hosted here).

Thank you. - Mike.


Hi mossy. Something you may be able to help us with at the MG.

On another forum (MacScene) there is a member also going by the name mossy_11, I am assuming that it is also you as a registered member of that forum (if its not you, sorry to trouble you).

There is a post there by that mossy_11 made several months back, to a Garden page which no longer exists here:

This post still attracts a lot of traffic to the MG, but generates internal errors on the MG server each time someone on MacScene clicks the referring link on that page.

I am hoping that you can edit that page, or put in a note that the page it refers to, no longer exits. I'm hoping to cut down on the error messages being generated here.

If you can help with this, its much appreciated. Thanks. Mike.

Done — link removed and note added to tell people the page no longer exists.