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Before Dark v1.0.3 App 2014 May 4 - 11:25pm
ClarisWorks 1.0v4 App 2014 May 28 - 4:14am
Apple Tour of Macintosh II Applications App 2014 Jun 8 - 7:19pm
Apple Macintosh SE/30 Training Stack App 2014 Jun 8 - 7:26pm
Apple Tour of the Macintosh Plus App 2014 Jun 8 - 7:30pm
Apple Macintosh Portable (stack) App 2014 Jun 8 - 7:36pm
Mac OS 9.2.1 Universal App 2014 Jun 10 - 8:03am
[Request] ClarisWorks v3 & ClarisDraw v1 for Windows Forum topic 2014 Jun 13 - 11:54pm
MRJ SDK 2.0, 2.0.1 App 2014 Aug 31 - 1:16pm
METAL 1.7.3 App 2014 Oct 13 - 10:29pm
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Hi Mike,
I'm in my stride now. Issue 12 will be coming on Tuesday-ish. I scan between 5pm and 6pm at work on Monday, crop, rotate and rename the pages on the Tuesday and I can usually get it uploaded that evening.
I'm very grateful that you are generating the PDFs.
I do think that these magazines are excellent because they explain the Mac without being condescending and it can get quite detailed. It was very new to so many people back then. It makes a very introduction to those learning about them now.
What I also like is that it puts the (now) old machines into context, something that is missing from those who are new to Macs as a hobby.


Hi Mike,

I have rescanned MF02 and uploaded the JPEGs in a zipped file to the MF02 page.
I'll be doing MF11 (April 1994) next week and with it the arrival of the first PPCs and a small announcement that Apple's CEO is looking for clone manufacturers...

Kind regards,


Hi Mike,
We have a good kyocera copier at work that saves the images for me. I can scan one magazine in about an hour. I need then another hour to rename the pages, check that I've missed none, crop them from B4 and rotate them.
I have MF09 almost finished. I have to crop all of the pages from p31 onwards. I hope to have the zip-file up today. I probably won't get to MF02 until October though.
Thanks again for your help,


No easy way to move files from one page to another that I can detect.

Me, too. But the other stuff, nice to read your answer. Smile


Hi Mike,

Thanks very much for your help. I did MF02 first at 600dpi in photocopier TIFF (which, I learnt, is a JPEG wrapped in a TIFF-wrapper). I copied them on to my wife's Mac Mini in order to reduce them down. I think that I still have the 600dpi files somewhere. Yesterday evening I got the first 21 pages of MF09 done.

I'm off on holidays for 2 weeks on Saturday, so you won't anything from me until teh beginning of October.



added "Admin" and "Super Admin" to your role in the members list.
I hope you see a black line at the top of the site now.

To go to the members list, click the numbers left from "Hello MikeTomTom"

I can't say anything about the other stuff located in that area, but to delete an user,
perform the following steps:

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Kind regards,


Hi Mike,

That is a lot easier. I have MF02, MF05 and MF22 already zipped, albeit on a Windows 8 machine.
I'll try and upload each zip-file per entry.

Thanks for your help


I think we should set your account as an admin, are you ready?

Let me find your entry in the user's list and let me change your account level to the same level as I'm now are.


Thanks for remembering my interest in Beyond Cyberpunk. That's a great coup.


Hey MTT,

Yup, it has 10.4.11 on there as well, but boots always into 9.2.2 Smile

urrrgh, I don't have a box, and if you've seen the sunflower iMac, you know what a b*tch it is to ship anywhere (monitor on a swivel/tilt arm). My swivel/tilt arm is in very firm/good condition (they usually get too loose and rattly) but I doubt it would arrive in NSW in one piece Sad

If you know someone in Tasmania who is willing to package and post it, I will gladly pass it onto him/her for you.

PS. It has one drilled screwhole on the base, and the burner is not installed at the moment (but can be reinstalled - I believe it is either a DVD-ROM/CDRW or a SATA-CONVERTER+DVDRW. Whichever I can find.

PPS. This is the one I would rather keep, as the G5 only does "Classic Mode" yUURCH

Nicolas Bahamondes

Hi, Mike.

Guess what... I was SevenDusted again and I remembered your advice you gave me years ago. Smile
I wanted to visit you on your guestbook and just say Hi.
Greetings, master.


Hi Mike thanks for the informations,i have use copy/paste from the apple site a while back ago and copy the info with TextEdit and also copy a few line from the About AppleScript include in the app. since i'm not a very good typist !!!
I have recheck and it appear ok with Safari,Firefox,Opera and OmniWeb.Smile


Hi Mike Tom Tom i'm not really shure of what you mean !!!
"Hope my edit is OK. Just pointing out you can use   & &bull&#59 if you don't want to


I see that you have added a blank line this is more clear to read thanks.


Thanks for the note about Beyond Cyberpunk. It would be great if we could get a copy of the hyperstack here.



Got an item I've never seen before that came with a batch of Aluminum G4s I bought.
It's an OS 9 Classic Installer DVD (yes DVD). Version 1.0 dated 2005 (last revised Dec 2004).
3.8 GB.
Not sure what's on it as all you can see is the installer alias.
I think it may have been part of the 10.3.7 factory install set???

If I get a chance I'll try running it in 10.4.11 and see what happens.


Was there a cease and desist from Zane Publishing (Zane Home Library)?
If I search "EA Games" I get hits, but if I search "Zane" I get nothing.
Not only no Zane titles, but no mention on the entire site.
And I know I personally uploaded one Asimov/Zane title myself...
Just wondering before I go uploading any titles.


What's the concensus on OSX?
Abandonware through Tiger?
As long as its PPC only?
Not for MacGarden?

I have everything in CD versions (including the by-request-only Tiger 4CD set).
I also the SDK CDs and the CD (no iDVD) and DVD versions of iLife '04 and '05.


Thanks for the heads-up on Defenders Japanese Mac and software giveaway.


Re: My CDs

So do you think the fact that my old personal dmgs produce bootable disks while the newer ones don't has something to do with the fact the newer ones were done on either internal sata DVRs or external USB-sata dvrs (20" Intel iMac) wherein the past I had always used external firewire-ide dvrs or usb-ide dvrs? The firewire chip on new iMacs was so unreliable I migrated to USB-IDE and then to USB-SATA as the IDE dvrs became harder to find.

I have been using the same emac922 and 10.4.6 dmgs for year and have never had a problem.

So for example:

10.0.3 to .dmg (Intel iMac running snow leopard sata dvr) - OSX zipped - did not produce a bootable G3 Wallstreet disk when downloaded, unzipped and written to CD on my Macbook Pro.


10.0.3 to .toast (Quicksilver 9.2.2, Toast 5, DropStuffed ) did produce a bootable Wallstreet disk when downloaded, unstuffed and written to CD (Toast 10) on my Macbook Pro.

All I can come up with is that Disk Utility writes something different in the boot block or some header depending on if the source drive is SATA or IDE. Well you know how Apple is always trying to make you give something old up to get something new.
No more OS 9... No more Classic Mode... No more PPC apps...


Happy to move the links, MTT.