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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Edition Game 2021 Apr 16 - 5:24am
Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative Game 2021 Apr 3 - 8:36pm
MasterJuggler App 2021 Mar 29 - 5:38am
RealPC 1.1 App 2021 Mar 26 - 11:34am
Gadget: Invention, Travel, & Adventure (ガジェット) Game 2021 Mar 3 - 1:16am
Harpoon Game 2021 Mar 2 - 11:51am
Gadget: Past as Future (ガジェット 完全版) Game 2021 Feb 27 - 10:29pm
Over the Reich Game 2021 Feb 20 - 4:59pm
Bullseye Software's Flying Circus Game 2021 Feb 17 - 4:37am
Time Bandit App 2021 Feb 14 - 2:30am
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are you still online from time to time?


Hello, I was wondering if you were interested in adding disk images of Inside Mac Games CDs from the mid 90s to your archive. I've been collecting them for years (the actual CDs) and would like a partner who is a fixture in the vintage Mac game community to help preserve them for history.



Have asked for access for your site but have not gotten it.
Tobias dot Millesten at gmail dot com


I don´t seem to be able to access your awesome archives any more.
I hope your files are still safe, maybe you would like to email the details?
In case you did not keep my address, you might use 3x8bit at gmail dot com. Smile

WalMart 68k

I would like you to know that the "copyright issue" with EA is a bit out of hand. They may own Maxis, but they no longer develop or sell Sim Farm, Sim Ant, or Sim Life. The Sim City franchise is still there, but I believe that since those title (as well as Sim Copter) are abandon-ware. Those titles for the Macintosh are no longer able to be sold.

  • Arthegall

    You are a major asset to the vintage Mac community. You've put in hours and do quality work. Many thanks. I'd be interested in getting your 411. You can find my contact at the bottom of the about.txt in the BDC archive I posted. Shoot me a message.


    MCP, The owner of Macintosh Garden. Smile


    I've downloaded three parts of Super Wing Commander and copied onto filedisk for Basilisk II. Unfortunately, can't unstuff these files... can you help me?


    have you found a the full version of killing time yet??


    Hi, i've posted a comment on tetris page. Could you help me please?



    I'm also wondering about those games I uploaded (Droids and Prometheus). I have included my own registration codes in each one, but am now considering removing them if they are still up for purchase. Although that is a shock to me, because both games date back to '97, and my concern is whether or not QNS actually believe they can still make money off two 14-year-old games. They don't seem to be short on self-confidence.

    That may be the only reason I am considering leaving the codes alone. Or I may decide to withdraw the downloads temporarily, pending further decision. You obviously know more than I do, so I need you to tell me what I should do.


    You seem to follow me everywhere. First all that stuff over Qwirks and all the related games, and now I see you got to work on the only two uploads I ever did on this site - Prometheus and Droids. I noticed them when I was setting to work posting some pics.

    I just can't get away from you, can I? Smile


    Hey MCP. I just saw your message about Victory at Sea and Paper Airplane Construction Set.

    I'm still planning on uploading them. I've spent the last few weeks ripping all my CDs onto the hard drive. Now that that is done, I can start going through all my files to see what I've got.

    Anyway, the PACS I've got is just a folder of MacPaint airplane template files from NeoSoft, 1985. Along with the paper airplane templates, there are a few files of decoration and accessory graphics that can be copied and pasted onto your paper airplane to customize it. It looks like it could be fun, but it is not an application.

    As far as Victory at Sea goes, I have a Stuffed folder of the installed game. It seems to be v1.0. I also have a Victory at Sea 1.0.2 folder with some installer files. It looks like I also have the VAS 1.0.1 updater.

    I'll get all this copied to my old computer tonight or tomorrow night to make sure it all works and then I'll upload them.


    There's a Power Mac 7200 ROM available on Demonoid... I don't know if it works or not but supposedly it works with SheepShaver. I'm going to test it with Basilisk ll and will let you know. Smile