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FS: Powerbook 1x0 Series Forum topic 2014 Jan 11 - 12:45am
Feeler / FS: PowerMac G3 Desktop Forum topic 2013 Oct 29 - 8:11pm
The disks I was sent over a year ago........ Forum topic 2013 Aug 6 - 5:57pm
Xserve G4 won't see 2.5" sata hdd Forum topic 2012 Aug 22 - 7:34pm
Mac Plus floppy "click of death" Forum topic 2011 Sep 3 - 9:09pm
questions about converting DART images Forum topic 2011 Apr 21 - 2:32pm
Request: pre intel mac / pre osx software manuals Forum topic 2010 Nov 2 - 6:53pm
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How do I get unbanned?

Your IP is banned, no further requests will be processed from this IP.




about the "Interaktive Lernhilfe" hosted at your server.

Now it's OK to leave the file there. I've replaced the other d/l links with my service,
to relieve Mrdav.


Mr. max1zzz,

Is it possible for you to help sfp1954 to reupload his latest additions to this site ? He used as hoster for his files, unfortunately the hoster seems to have deleted all his items just hours after addition. Perhaps you can offer him too technical assistance as you did for mrdav.
I created a Forum thread to help him to reupload his items.


i have a May 1991 Golden Master Release of S*stem 7, do you have it?,
i can image it and upload it to your server

unfortunately i already have the may 97 sys 7 GM


can u help track down reason 1.0.1 update??

I'll have a look and see what i can find

Oh, and as for the person under this, for whatever reason i never uploaded it. I rember downloading and processing it, but it never got uploaded. Will upload it soon


went to download duke nukem 3d ppc but nothing is in the folder?

Nicolas Bahamondes

Is there any FTP access to upload videos in your server for the Cornica Directory?


is your wired ftp still up? I'm logging in with mr mr and it pulls up the ftp page but i can't access any folders on it.