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That's good to know (its fixable).

Thanks & regards.

And it should be working now Smile Let me know if there are any more problems



Hello Max, we're currently getting 403's to mrdav's file links on:

I guess this will be affecting other pages, too. Have there been link changes that we need to know about.

Thanks, MikeTomTom, staff.

Just had a email from mrdav about it

Basically OSX server decided to screw up the permissions on a load of drives in the server today, I thought I had it sorted but evidently not... Should be sorted soon


Hey just uploaded the psp port of Basalisk II to your server.


hay max1zzz i have been try to get the TA_CD2.zip of Total Annihilation for about 3 or 4 days now but when the download gets to the end in chrome it says network error. in Firefox it just sits there on 0s left for all of time i hope the file is not damaged


Hey max1zzz! Is your sever down? I noticed that most links here that download from your server give me the "No such file or directory." error Sad

P.S. You have a great collection. Thank you for efforts in maintaining so many great games!

Yes and no, a hdd failed today and i'm currently recovering all the data from that drive (it seems to work fine for a while, then it just drops out)

Everything should be back to normal tomorrow Smile


I have service manuals for everything at least through the emacs I think.
I have several sets of CDs - I'll have to review what I have.
Are they online here already?
I did a search and didn't come up with much of anything.


Hi max1zzz, here are those BIOS/AICPM patching tools for OSX to get Turbo Mode working... Keep backups and a USB OS X stick handy in case of disaster. If you follow the instructions, you should be fine. Extract your BIOS from the flashing utility under BIOS to FAT formatted USB stick. Patch that BIOS, reinstall the same way... AICPM is a no brainer. Plenty of info and instructions online...



Give me an email regarding Hackintosh stuff, we can continue this off the forum.

G4 User


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uberfox at hotmail dot com


max1zzz you have a Skype/Email? Let me know uberfox@hotmail.com I'm interested in mirroring your FTP with a significantly faster one and adding my own extensive and rare collection onto it.


Big thanks max1zzz! Everything works perfect! Now I have to find something to upload Smile


A link, which you gave me works, but download stops immediately (I have 0 KB downloaded). And I can't find wired Client for Windows. Do you know one?
And thanks for your help! Smile

qwired is a little on the temperamental side but it works most of the time Smile



Unfortunately I can't. When I enter: http://max1zzz.co.uk:8000/Terminus/Terminus CD1.iso.sit, I've get a message "No files available"... and when I enter on your FTP via TotalCommander, I can't find this game in any folder too...

Very strange, it is working fine for me
try this link: ftp://files:files@max1zzz.co.uk:8000/Terminus/Terminus CD1.iso.sit

or go to http://max1zzz.co.uk:8000 and log in with files/files and browse through manually

or you could log in on the wired server and it is in the folder in root called 1TB (this folder is not viewable in the FTP or HTTP servers)


Hi max1zzz!
I can't find many of games former hosted on RapidShare by mrdav. For example Terminus. Have you deleted it?
Best Regards!

should still be there, just log in with files/files



How do I get unbanned?

Your IP is banned, no further requests will be processed from this IP.




about the "Interaktive Lernhilfe" hosted at your server.

Now it's OK to leave the file there. I've replaced the other d/l links with my service,
to relieve Mrdav.


Mr. max1zzz,

Is it possible for you to help sfp1954 to reupload his latest additions to this site ? He used app.box.com as hoster for his files, unfortunately the hoster seems to have deleted all his items just hours after addition. Perhaps you can offer him too technical assistance as you did for mrdav.
I created a Forum thread to help him to reupload his items.


i have a May 1991 Golden Master Release of S*stem 7, do you have it?,
i can image it and upload it to your server

unfortunately i already have the may 97 sys 7 GM


can u help track down reason 1.0.1 update??

I'll have a look and see what i can find

Oh, and as for the person under this, for whatever reason i never uploaded it. I rember downloading and processing it, but it never got uploaded. Will upload it soon