Maury Markowitz

Maury Markowitz joined us in February 21, 2012, and has been a member for 9 years 1 week.
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Retrogamer, Wikipedian.


Hi Maury,
I've uploaded the MF22 CD but to the wrong page. You'll find it on the Mac Format 05 page.


Hi Maury,

I haven't forgotten you nor your plight. I have uploaded the first 21 pages of the magazine in question. I have to find the image I made so that I can upload it again.

kind regards


Hi Maury,
I´ll dig out the CDs and have a look whether there is anything on it regarding Rescue! - a faint memory tells there should. Alas, I gave away the magazines a long time ago, no idea if the CD uploads are still floating around somewhere.
If you wish, you may also contact me via 3x8bit(at)gmail(dot)com