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Hi, My name is Marcos Meza Galicia, I own an iMac G3 333MHz Bondi Blue with Matshita CD only ROM, 6GB Maxtor HD, and ATI Rage Pro C 4mb it has Mac OS 9.2.2 with QuickTime 6.0.3, CarbonLib 1.6, Classilla with Macromedia Flash 7, GUS, Mini vMac with System 7.1 and Cyberdog. It is the only computer I have and is from 1998, so please be nice to me, I can´t do much with it (amazingly it recognizes USB 2.0 but its port is 1.5.5) Im a huge fan of Computers and I got this computer from my boyfriend after loosing mi Royal Penguin 2G at a Fire in Jully 2013.


YW Marcos. I'm glad things went OK for you, and you got some help, too.


Hi Marcos. If Jake's brother has an old PC that he thinks is broken but hes going to sell it to you. Try and get it for free or for a couple of dollars, as you'll be doing him a favor of taking away some old junk - Don't pay too much for this. Remember, you can always say no if he wants more than $5 for something that may or may not work.

Don't know what Jake means by "dinosaur"? He's saying its old technology that has lost its usefulness (to him) and he can't be bothered to put any effort into it. Work on him. If he's a good friend he still may give you some helpful advice Wink

How to open the iMac: Not my favorite computer to work on. Compact Macs are not easy and they can be dangerous too, as the internal CRT display can hold a lethal charge even when not plugged in. So you need to be careful here. Make sure when you take it apart that someone else is in the house with you, in case you have an accident.

Here is the PDF manual for taking apart your iMac. Right-click to download a copy to your pc and use it for future reference. It will show you how to get to the hard drive and replace it.