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I was trying to post this reply on the forum, but the captchas are impossible!

Separate partitions. Well, technically, there are two OS 9.2.2 System Folders, since I had to put one on Tiger's partition so that I could run the 9.2.2 installer in Classic mode, and install it on a separate partition. For some reason, the installer didn't work when I booted straight off the CD. Anyway, both of them display a flashing floppy if I try to boot to them.

Tiger's Disk Utility doesn't offer an Update Drivers function so far as I can tell. Neither does Panther's. (Panter is not installed, but I have an old set of install CDs for it lying around.) The OS 9.2.2 Drive Setup does, but like I said, it doesn't work (greyed out if I boot off the CD, can't see the disk from Classic Mode).

Now, I don't think the actual disk drivers are on either the Tiger nor the Classic partition. You can't see them in the graphical disk utilities, but from pdisk, the first 8 partitions look like this:
1: Apple_partition_map Apple 63 @ 1
2: Apple_Driver43*Macintosh 56 @ 64
3: Apple_Driver43*Macintosh 56 @ 120
4: Apple_Driver_ATA*Macintosh 56 @ 176
5: Apple_Driver_ATA*Macintosh 56 @ 232
6: Apple_FWDriver Macintosh 512 @ 288
7: Apple_Driver_IOKit Macintosh 512 @ 800
8: Apple_Patches Patch Partition 512 @ 1312

I don't see any reason why I shouldn't theoretically be able to fix those partitions without touching everything else on the disk, but I don't seem to have a tool capable of doing it.