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MacTouch joined us in March 19, 2016, and has been a member for 5 years 3 weeks.
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A long time ago* in a country far, far away... I was introduced in a company for working. Of course, but for working on a Mac (no, this company was not Apple !). So, I worked on a Mac IIfx, even there were much more Mac SE/30 in that place. Smile I was pleased by this wonderful system working so easily. At this time, I owned an Atari 1040 STE. So, I've bought an emulator, the Spectre GCR, who combined the Mac Plus ROM with system 6. The impractical use in that solution was the High Density Floppies not supported, reducing in an uncomfortable way to trying to compress & split files bigger than 800k for transferring them on Double Density Floppies. Well, that was my first compatible Mac solution. First, but not the last...

* 30 years ago (in earth time, of course)

List of Mac I owned :

- 1 LC 475 (in 1994, acquired with an Apple Performa display & WordPerfect 3)

- 1 Performa 630 DOS Compatible (in 1996 & with an Apple 15" MultiScan display)

For this one, I have replaced the 68LC040 & the 486DX2 @ 66 Mhz by a real 68040 & a 486DX4 @ 100 Mhz.

- 1 PowerMac 9600 @ 350 Mhz (in 1998, the must at this era, I believe)

Tested Duke Nukem in comparison of the Performa, so fast...

- 1 PowerMac Beige G3 @ 300 Mhz (bought in 1998 too, it was my main computer for 14 years)

In 2003/2004, I installed successfully with XpostFacto Panther (10.3) & Tiger (10.4) afterwards. Also, I've used a wi-fi PCI card for Airport (this works at least with Jaguar 10.2.8).

Others Mac I owned too (in second-hand) :

- 1 PowerMac 9500 (I can't remember speed...)

- 2 PowerMac 6360 (not Performa, as they come from an US school)

- 1 PowerMac 4400 (if I remember correctly, 200 Mhz speed)

Now, all of these have been given in 2012 (with the exception of the Apple 15" MultiScan actually plugged to my white MacBook).

Ex-ACMT, I'm looking for some activities or helping people with their problems.

ACMT : Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

Thanks for reading to the end of my page. Tongue


Well, m. MacTouch, I have missed your input as of late. Wink

Cheers, Mike.


Sorry for the modification in the FreeHand page. This word "elect" was not known into my vocabulary...

Think nothing of it. I enjoyed seeing your change, it made me laugh a little because I had guessed the reason for it Wink

On the other hand, I am so glad that you cannot hear or see me attempting to use some French vocabulary. I can barely count to up to dix Sad

Cheers, Mike.


Hello MacTouch,

I'm very interested in System 5.0 or 5.1 ("System 4.3") in French.
You said on the download page, you have one of these versions ?

I just want to emulate my old Mac SE (with 2 floppy drives !).
I've found system 1 & system 6 in french but not 5...

Thanks a lot !


Hi MacTouch. Somewhere between the 30th and 6th the server will need to be physically moved. No definite date as yet, but just letting you know, should things disappear suddenly, that you'll know its not at your end. We hope to back online once this goes down, as soon as possible.

Cheers and Happy New Year - Mike.


unfortunately, I can't access it, may be due to the IP problems.

Hi MacTouch. Sorry you couldn't access that page. Perhaps this web site's engine treats unpublished DL and forum posts differently (1st unpublished forum page I've done). I've published the content. I hope it's OK now for you.


Yep, it's working, thanks. Smile

[EDIT] Ok. I've read your post. I've understood what's u have clearly explained. But well, the only thing I have tried is to found a solution, even if I don't know how it really works. Shy What shoud I do now ?



I have converted the original image to Disk Copy 4.2 under BII with Disk Copy 6.x just to use it directly under Mini vMac with the MountImage CP.

Hi MacTouch. I've created a new forum topic regarding this HyperCard entry.

I felt it was going to be too long-winded to continue on in the download page so have made this one for your thoughts and input. Its not published, so you'll need to be logged in to view. I'll likely take it down when you're finished with it.

Cheers, Mike.


Hi MacTouch.

This host is not allowed to log in to Macintosh Garden. Please contact your site administrator.
Sorry, unrecognized username or password. Have you forgotten your password?

This is not nice or fair. I've also opened this issue for discussion with the team so we are all scratching our heads at the moment but no-one seems to know why this should be happening, so far.

I've also have set your username, email and IP range to permanently allow. I hope this will make a difference for you. But somehow I think there is another problem between your IP and our server.

Anyway, lets see how it goes. If it still persists we will need to try something different.

If you're permanently logged in I guess that helps. What could cause you to get logged out will depend on your IP changing or if the site here is having some changes made and it goes down for some reason. Otherwise it's fairly stable.

All the best, Mike.


Hello. I had no idea that you were permanently scotched to the place Smile

I would say that your IP (unless you have a fixed IP address) is the culprit for bumping you out. I don't know why this server would be wanting you to change your password each time it does this however.

If/when it happens again, without trying to log back in, 1st try shutting the browser down fully, then re-launch it and attempt to log back in normally. I don't know if that will help but it is worth a try.


... I have noticed besides that I need to change my password all the time I wanna disconnect & reconnect later to the site. I suppose the server don't like my IP. Smile If u can do something... Thanks.

Hi, that is a pain to have happening. I don't understand why it might be acting like this for you, either. I've had a look through the logs and it is oddly showing you last logging in and on June 11th! Nonsense! I've tried a couple of tweaks on your IP and we'll see how that goes. If this persists I will have to ask my boss if he can help.

- All the best, Mike.


I have downloaded the Classic v1 of FM Pro 6. There is also v4 available. Should we upload these versions to this page ?

It appears that you've been beaten to the post in adding these archives, by bertyboy. He must have seen your post and decided to jump in and upload them himself.

Ah well, it saves you the bandwidth and time I suppose.


Good luck with the Unreal archives, I'll be interested in seeing what you find.

You may not need to DL those Unreal archive parts (if you don't need them). I see that aurelios69 has found a solution to his problem with these files. Smile

Cheers, Mike


Hi MacTouch. Thank you for looking into those large archives. Great to see you got a 1.x GB file up in one piece, too Smile

I see that semvalidade2006 also replaced the broken part files with a fresh copy. He has made replacement copies previously when its pointed out to him. I wish tho' that all files were tested before uploading. It saves a lot of time in the long run. Not that I'm faultless, as I've not tested all archives I've uploaded (I usually do but sometimes I forget to).

Good luck with the Unreal archives, I'll be interested in seeing what you find.

Cheers, Mike.


I hope that things are going well for u. I am testing the new splitted files uploaded on the website & especially the two for an eMac. It appears that the files are not working. I have already asked the uploader to replace them. I am looking further for testing other files. I have some of them that seem corrupted, but I am downloading them again. On the other hand, I'm not sure that too long filenames are needed here, just for everybody not familiar with that, but, it's only my point of view & it's not very important.

Hi MacTouch. Yes the two part files were corrupt and he has since replaced it with a good working copy. I did test all of the archived files on that page and they were all good except for that "part one of three" copy. So they are all good now on that page. I haven't looked at other uploads of his and I'm reluctant to go there (time & bandwidth), except I did find double-ups of the same CD archived on two separate pages which I then removed one page to remove the conflicting file.

I am not keen at all on the long file-names that he's using, but they're not critical in the sense that we can change the file-names to suit without affecting the content if we happen to download any of his archives. But they're his uploads and he seems to be a stickler for keeping to what suits him file-naming-wise. They are just annoying to look at.


Sorry for the multiples posts on multiples StarCraft pages.

Hi - I didn't get to see any of those posts, they had been removed before I logged in this morning. So someone else beat me to that task - if it was necessary.

Looking at the server logs, it appears the server software was thinking your posts were spam attempts. I am sorry for that. The server can be pretty stupid (tho' it does stop actual real spammers several times a day also).

The only post I got to see is your forum notice, so that one should be safe Smile

Cheers, Mike.


when Apple proposed "Tempest" & "Cyclone" (Centris 660AV & Quadra 840AV), I was excited about it. I never bought such machines, because not enough money for.

Same. I also read about these "new" Macs and thought, "I want one". But as it turned out I did acquire one eventually, and the price was a very affordable free Wink

I liked the pix of the "Teapot". It looks just like my 660av except for the Teapot label, I don't like to think what price the seller is hoping for. The price of old Macson eBay here has gone ridiculous.


Hi MacTouch; A good read. I think that you and I have had similar Mac experiences; In that I have at one time owned many of the same Macs as you describe, like the DOS Compatible, the PM 6360 and the beige G3, which I still use (it's my 3rd or 4th of that model), I too installed Panther onto it with the aide of XPostFacto, but now it runs Mac OS 9.2 only and lives inside an ex PC ATX case. I use it for any graphic design I may do

I never did own one of the big 9xxx beasts of the day, which I regret. My "stepping-stones" were Macintosh SE > IIsi > LC 630 DOS > Quadra 650 > PM 6360 > Beige G3 > G4 450 and then several G4's. I have not owned a G5 and the only "modern" Mac I own is a 5 or 6 years old Intel Mac Mini which runs Snow Leopard. One "curious" Mac that I have is a Centris 660AV. This I found sitting on a street curb in my town about 8 years ago. It was someone's junk throw away and now is my "treasure". It works perfectly and I use it mainly for floppy disk archiving.

Cheers, Mike.


Phew. What a marathon effort Smile

The page looks good and is now available for all.

So your new internet connection really does help. I think I need to do the same, as I got the same error messages as you when I tried to upload that large file.

I am so glad that it has worked out OK now.

Cheers, Mike.


Today is a bad day. Sad Nothing going to work correctly. No network, no web, nothing... There is 5 discs for the page, 1 DVD & 4 CD, but I'm trying to add only the third, as the fourth is very small. This one can be added easily after moving the page. The only problem is for the 3rd disc. It is already "splitted" like all the others (except the small one) before the beginning of the uploads. But even "splitted" or not, the upload may fails. My connection must be strong enough to support that. In that case, even u are doing other tasks, the connection must support it. The only reason of failure is the too slowest bandwidth. I hope retrieving a good one very soon.

Hi, Sorry to hear of the network issues that you are having.

I am thinking this page should be made available now, as it is. At least the full DVD image is completed. The CD images can be completed later, at a better time for you.

The page also must stay. That is, at the present time it is not possible to move items from one page to another. In order to move to another page it requires re-uploading the full zipped archive again, to a new page. Sad but true, even for me I cannot move items freely from page to page here.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Cheers, Mike


An HTTP error 0 occurred. /filefield_nginx_progress...

Yes, I also got this error when trying to upload the zip to that page Tongue
What it means tho' is something we can't figure out, just yet. Its something that is being looked into tho' and hopefully it will be fixed.

Cheers, Mike


Yesterday, I was disconnected suddenly. If I can, I must stay connected, not here especially, but on the Internet.

And I thought I had a bad ISP down here in Oz Wink

Is it only CD images that you're wanting to upload now? How many to come up? Perhaps you could try splitting them also, we could rejoin and add them from this end.

Cheers, Mike