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MacIntosh from day 1. In 1984 my father brought home a Mac 128. As a nine year old boy, that was my introduction to the world of computing; a world full of unusual and unimaginable opportunities. It's 30-odd years later and I am still in awe of what the original Macintosh creators were able to accomplish. A Mac 128 from 1984 running 1984 software isn't profoundly different from the latest and greatest in terms of productivity software. The only thing that's somewhat unique is the internet, but, even there it's not that different. HyperCard from the mid-80's was quite similar to what has now become the WWW. You can't do a whole lot more on a modern computer than you could back in 1984. Draw a picture (albeit black-and-white)? MacPaint or MacDraw. Write a novel? MacWrite. You've now accomplished what most people use their computers for without internet.