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Little Mac Archive found Forum topic 2019 Dec 11 - 12:59am
HanMac Word 2.0.6 Forum topic 2019 Dec 10 - 11:25pm
I apologise, its Basilisk + slirp again Forum topic 2019 Dec 10 - 11:01am
ScrapIt Pro for 68k Forum topic 2019 Dec 2 - 4:49pm
How to get to the registration dialog box in SnapzPro? Forum topic 2019 Nov 26 - 3:58pm
Impossible to register LightWayText v4.5.1 Forum topic 2019 Nov 25 - 10:16pm
MacLinkPlus Registration Snafu Forum topic 2019 Nov 23 - 10:39pm
Speed Record broken! (I am sure of it) Forum topic 2019 Nov 23 - 1:07pm
PDF to Doc/Rtf Converter for MacLink Plus 68k? Forum topic 2019 Nov 23 - 2:20am
Good background pics for MacOS 8.1? Forum topic 2019 Nov 22 - 2:48am
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m68k'ed and loving it

PS: Steve Jobs had Syrian ancestors and I for one love to rub shoulders with coders from all walks of live.
Nobody should be discriminated against based on their faith or ethnic origin!


Hi m68k, if you are having issues with serials not working, make your request in the comments section of the relevant apps page. That way, if an answer is provided, others will be more likely to benefit from it if they are faced with that same problem of a particular program (or ask the same question over again).