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HaYom App 2021 Apr 7 - 7:38am
Carbon Copy Mac App 2021 Apr 4 - 8:17am
ZipPlus 100 Drive - scsi or parallel port App 2021 Mar 29 - 7:08pm
NEC CD-ROM Driver 3.4.2 & 4.0.2 App 2021 Mar 26 - 8:09pm
FWB Hard Disk ToolKit PE 3.0.2 App 2021 Mar 5 - 10:21am
SCSI Accelerator App 2021 Feb 25 - 8:40am
WolfEdit 1.x Game 2021 Feb 16 - 6:53pm
PassProof Software App 2021 Feb 16 - 5:57am
OneScanner Software App 2021 Feb 14 - 2:33am
Super 7 Utilities App 2021 Feb 12 - 4:42am
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My Macs:

Macintosh Plus
Macintosh LC III
PowerBook 540c
PowerBook G3 300 ("PDQ")
iMac G3/400 DV SE (Graphite)
iBook G4 (Late 2004)
MacBook Pro 15" (Mid 2009)
iMac 27" Core i7 (Mid 2010)


Okay, thanks for the heads-up. I knew about this person, I didn't realize they were themselves creating the pages. Works for me!


Regarding the ABC posts... The poster of those pages is a special needs person with limited capabilities, who is obsessed with Blinky Bill and now it seems the ABC series. I doubt that he will ever upload anything substantial, but he enjoys creating these pages.

His posts that contain no content, quietly vanish over a period of hours or days. It's somewhat disturbing to see these in here but well, there are a lot more worse folks than Daniel about, and so we're going to tolerate his presence. Just letting you know personally, that they won't be visible for long if their content isn't added to.


Thanks for that typo fix on one of my entries! Smile

No problem! Gotta look out for people!


Sorry for my "grumpyness" the other day. I do appreciate the edits and input you have for the MG and I would like it very much if you would post-edit any of my copy on various pages, carte blanche (ex OSes Wink ). Especially pages I've created myself, which you can find via my guestbook. But of course in other's page descriptions if you come across them, too. Only if you find time to, that is, or want to. But I do think your proofreading and editing is top notch and I know I want to get my copy looking better. So please, knock yourself out there, if you're free to.

-- Mike

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the note. It's all good! I just want the Garden to be the best it can be, so if I see something that looks weird or doesn't read right, I tend to want to make it better. But I'm not an authority, much less on grammar! We're all in it together. Thank you!


Thank you! A fair amount is actually from my folks' backup disks, hence why I have no originals. I still have some more to go too Smile


Why, thank you! Laughing out loud


MacCubed³ pictures finally uploaded as per request. Smile