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Title Typesort icon Updated date
JustOgg App 2019 Oct 28 - 10:11pm
WebWasher 2.1.1rc App 2017 Sep 27 - 7:15am
RealPlayer 5.0 App 2016 Jan 13 - 10:17pm
UltraFind 2.5.3 App 2015 May 30 - 7:10am
WormScanner 2.3.1 App 2015 Sep 18 - 6:25am
Mozilla 1.2.1 App 2017 Apr 2 - 8:03am
I Love Native! Pro v3.1.1 App 2016 Oct 18 - 12:10pm
AudioCatalyst MP3 Encoder App 2015 Jul 20 - 4:41am
MacAMP 1.0 Preview Edition App 2015 Dec 15 - 5:23am
CPU-View App 2015 May 8 - 6:38am
Laurier joined us in May 5, 2014, and has been a member for 6 years 14 weeks.
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My Mac:

Powerbook 3600c OS 8.6
G4 AGP Sawtooth OS X 10.4.11 and OS 9.2.2 on second drive


Hi laurier. Sorry for the confusion, I was trying to add HTML escape characters in that Revisions comment, and I had typo'd - with revisions comments you cannot go back and edit later...

To see what edits I had actually made, you need to click Revisions, then the "Show diff" button and then click "previous diff", so you get two side by side comparisons. The left column will be by yourself and the right will show the actual changes I had made (in red text).

Anyway, you'd entered a short list prefaced with a tab, bullet, tab, then some text. This was showing up in my browser without tab spaces (tabs don't seem to work in this wiki) so I edited them out with hard coded HTML "non-breaking spaces" -   and bullets •

Which gives a "quick & dirty" list similar in appearance to using an unordered list with <ul> and <li> and is fine for short lists, especially if you cut-n-paste in the nbsp's & bull's Wink