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Working on a XMPP gateway for old Macs. What IM services do people use? Forum topic 2018 Feb 4 - 1:34pm
Waves 4.0 TDM/RTAS for Mac OS 9 Forum topic 2014 May 6 - 2:26pm
Waves 3.0 Gold Bundle - TDM/RTAS/MAS/VST App 2014 May 7 - 8:00am
The Official Macintosh Garden IM Gateway for Classic Macs Forum topic 2019 Apr 19 - 8:27pm
Steinberg Hypersonic 1.0 App 2017 Nov 6 - 8:26am
Spy for Macintosh App 2018 Apr 15 - 6:43pm
Ripcord App 2018 Nov 9 - 3:36pm
Request: wxMacPython for Classic Forum topic 2012 Oct 18 - 11:54am
Request: REALbasic 2007r3 Forum topic 2016 Oct 22 - 11:07am
Reason 4 App 2018 Nov 15 - 1:15pm
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Hi Knez,

I was trying to install Nuendo 2.0 but the cracked file "Nuendo_2.1_OSX{k}.dmg" wont mount under any circumstances. I tried mounting it through Terminal with a no verfy tag to no avail. Could you please reupload the corrected version? Without the crack it's unuseable -been after this forever. It is much appreciated indeed!!


- MusicWorks

Temporary Joe

Hi Knez, there was no one at Freenode at the moment I went (possibly because we live in different timezones), but the thread in question was this:

Temporary Joe

Hi's good to hear you're still around! Do you know if the forum is ever coming back online? There are some threads I would've liked to have saved....

It's not coming back online. I can talk to fogWraith if we can put it back up for a short while for you to get whatever you wanted from it. Jump on #MacDomain on freenode Smile


Hi! The tracker is gone and the server is too for now. The server (and the 200gb of files) are being re-incarnated in the near future. Just need to find a good place for the server (we lost our server place, that's why it has been down for quite some time).

Temporary Joe

I think it's gone for good...

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Hello Knez,

I read about your hotline tracker and I've been trying to connect, no success. Is it online still?
By the way, I was thinking on creating a hotline server for legacy macintosh stuff, how can I get it listed in your tracker? (assuming it is online)


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