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Performa 6400 SSW 7.5.5 Network Card? Forum topic 2013 Dec 13 - 3:24am
How To get Xcode 2.x??? Forum topic 2013 Dec 7 - 4:51pm
Util for SSW 6.0.x on newer HW. Forum topic 2013 Jul 29 - 6:02pm
Quicksilver G4 for trade (Bad Pwr SUP) Forum topic 2013 Jul 28 - 10:48pm
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Just Another 680x0 CPU based Macintosh And Atari ST/TT/Falcon user that does not like Emulators (though sometimes I am forced to use them to get somethings taken care of).

I also use my ROM 1 IIgs quite a bit.