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My first mac might have been a an old one or maybe a lisa? The first mac my dad got was a mac 512ke and it had a old modem, imagewriter II and external disk drive. Oddly he still has the old 512ke but not sure what else... From that he got a Mac IIsi and when he went with windows he gave it to me and from that mac I moved on to a 6100/60AV, imac 400se, 8100/80, a few Performa's, powerbook 5300/117, ibook g4 1mhz, mac mini 1.25mhz, macbook pro 2.4ghz, ipod g1, ibook g3/466mhz, powerbook g4 1ghz, powerbook 1.67ghz, ibook 1.42ghz, macbook 2.4ghz, ipod g4, iphone 6 plus and ipad pro 12.9" in that order. Many of these macs have gone to the great mac afterlife but I still have the old 13 of the above. I have systems going from current to a iffy system 7.5.

Kind or strange huh? Started a business with a friend when we got the imac 400se and we needed to scan negatives and back then the usb was still pretty new so we got an old scsi scanner. Updated to a number of faster scsi computers for scanning purposes.

I use the newer macs but do play the older macs from time to time. I also have the desire to install ssd on a number of my older macs...