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MacSki Game 2019 Apr 20 - 8:45pm
Continuum Game 2019 Apr 13 - 12:55pm
Sensory Overload Game 2019 Apr 12 - 6:00pm
ZPC Game 2019 Apr 2 - 7:45pm
Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now Game 2019 Mar 16 - 8:49am
Are You Afraid of the Dark? Game 2019 Mar 11 - 2:37pm
Redjack: Revenge of the Brethren Game 2019 Mar 11 - 11:18am
Blackthorne Game 2019 Mar 11 - 8:42am
Casualty Kid Game 2019 Mar 10 - 10:54am
Timelapse Game 2019 Mar 3 - 11:53am
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If you are still looking for Police Quest IV, I have the CD-ROM version that I first played on my LC630 back in 1995.

I plan to upload the ISO as soon as I have scanned the game manual to go with it.


Hi, I notice that you originally uploaded Timelapse, but the links are long dead. No-one else seems to want to reupload (no surprise), but I would be happy to host the four CDs in a more permanent fashion if you put them somewhere I can reach.


Sorry for dropping so suddenly on your guestbook, but saw you posted in the SimFarm game page here on the site, so I was wondering if you might still have it. If you do I would really appreciate it if you could upload it anywhere send me the link to andoru.blah@gmail.com. Thank you in advance ^^