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Microsoft Multiplan 1.0 App 2020 Jan 17 - 2:29am
Original Apple DiskCopy App 2020 Jan 16 - 9:49pm
MacPaint Files Collection from DUsers App 2020 Jan 16 - 9:30pm
MAIN STREET FILER App 2020 Jan 16 - 9:22pm
"Apple Macintosh 128k Development disks" - iwakurarein App 2019 Nov 15 - 9:56pm
Mouse Stampede prototype 1984, "Mouse Eaters" Game 2019 Aug 16 - 6:22pm
"BS Disk I" - MacTalk App 2019 Aug 14 - 9:35pm
"BS Disk II" - very early Macintosh utilities, MacTalk files App 2019 Aug 14 - 9:34pm
Macwrite Boot Disk for working with "BS Disks" App 2019 Aug 14 - 7:46pm
"Games I" - ALICE Game 2019 Aug 14 - 6:56pm
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"Lain's Navi Custom", Macintosh SE w/ 4MB 9-chip 80ns SIMMs and replaced PRAM battery, cleaned and lubricated 800K diskette drive, and front-mounted FloppyEmu ver C in clear case. Runs 6.0.8 off a 500MB hardfile w/ Multifinder. Next: full logic board and analog board recap, retrobrite

High-res images of my Macintosh SE mod:


Proud owner of "the disks": around 10 failing 400K MFS diskettes with various early Apple internal test programs from 1983/1984 (earliest datestamp so far: October 1983 on a prototype of Macintosh Pascal, when it was known as "Instant Pascal"). Previous owner claimed their spouse worked at Apple in the early 80s on the Macintosh project. Currently working with someone to figure out exactly what the deal is with them.

Some of the disks were imageable, others were not and had to be rebuilt, but thankfully I was able to get a lot of files copied off of them and backed up. Currently working on figuring out how to get proper images, and working with an expert member to investigate and determine the contents. I will be releasing them all here as soon as we verify what is on each disk, if it is available online, if there is evidence in old Usenet posts talking about some of the programs, and so on.


"...And all the fears you hold so dear, Will turn to whisper in your ear, And you know what they say might hurt you, And you know that it means so much, And you don't even feel a thing...I am falling, I am fading, I am drowning, Help me to breathe, I am hurting, I have lost it all, I am losing, Help me to breathe..."



Love your "Macpainted" Lain avatar picture. Eagerly awaiting for your next releases

Thank you!
If you ever want to do a similar image edit its very easy, I used the GIMP on Linux and converted to grayscale (Under Hue/Saturation option, lowered the saturation all the way), then I changed the Image color profile from RGB to 1-bit (b/w) and tried a few dithering methods you can select until it looked authentic to me. Really easy! It got kind of downsampled by this site too- the original looks much sharper.


Love your work so far. Keep it up!

Thank you. Please check out the releases I have done so far today. I still have much more to do.