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Title Typesort icon Updated date
Last Contact Game 2020 Sep 16 - 12:18am
Gem Jam Game 2020 Aug 7 - 8:42am
Skyscraper Game 2019 May 12 - 10:19pm
Plunk! Game 2020 Mar 9 - 8:50pm
Space Deubza Game 2020 Jan 7 - 1:57pm
Palace of Sand (aka Sultan's Palace) Game 2020 Jan 4 - 2:09am
One Way Game 2019 May 3 - 9:16pm
Romi Game 2020 Feb 10 - 3:22pm
Alpha Blaze Game 2019 Nov 2 - 2:12pm
SCOP Game 2019 Apr 22 - 1:34am
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Hi, I saw that you were able to play Gridz in:


I was wondering if you could message or email me a gridz serial key which gives access to the single player game, the posted serial is only for network play. I have sent a message to Green Dragon Creations but no response so far. I would be forever thankful Smile

The serials are strange as different ones work with different versions, the serial included in the download on mac garden however will allow you to play single player