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GraphicConverter 4.x App 2019 Jul 17 - 11:51am
Kosmos Kompakt 2002 App 2019 Jul 14 - 8:29am
Gravis Mac GamePad App 2019 Jul 14 - 5:50am
Pentax OptioS50 App 2019 Jul 13 - 4:40am
Simsala Grimm - Gallant Tailor Game 2019 Jul 8 - 3:06am
Scrabble Deluxe Game 2019 Jul 6 - 6:35am
Was ist Was - Das interaktive Quiz Game 2019 Jul 2 - 12:05am
Was ist Was - Wissen von A - Z Game 2019 Jul 2 - 12:04am
Dark Castle Game 2019 Jun 18 - 6:21am
Glider 4.0 Game 2019 Jun 11 - 6:54am
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Hello. Do you happen to have such games Abenteuer Stadt and Abenteuer Bauernhof?

i think I've looked into it, but they're PC only, so no interest of mine.


Try adding the PDF catalog "Tivola CD-ROMs und Bucher" or any Tivola catalog. This catalog is in the boxes of games Tivola. Do you have it?


Hi IIGS User. You removed the notice about copyright claim on Journeyman project TURBO. Does this mean it is OK to re-upload now? I can do this. I also have all the other Journeyman titles i could re-upload as well.

EDIT: MTT has restored a notice of copyright claim so it seems that it is still in force.


Finally, I get the 16 color version worked!

After unstuffing "space_quest_1.sit", I discovered a document "SQ1 Copy Protection",
located in the subfolder "Copy Protection" of the folder "Space Quest 1 (16 colors)".
There it clearly stated how to bypass the disk check.

To make it easy for you, the message is as the following:

Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter
* Copy Protection Bypass - For Macintosh Only *

Upon start of the application,
there will be a prompt stating "Please insert Original GAME DISK 1".
During this screen,
hold down the Command key and type the following all in lowercase
excluding the quotation marks, "4givmeken".
After typing this message in while holding the Command key down, press Return.


Hi, IIGS User

None of the bin-cue pairs that you have been putting up are recognised by Toast 7. I have tried Bibi Blocksberg 2, Bibi Blocksberg 4, Bibi und Tina 5, Bibi und Tina 6. However I AM able to convert them to a recognised bib-cue form using UltraIso on Windows (which is what I always use to create bin-cue pairs)