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I wonder if we can achieve this.


Re auth to remove user accounts; It would be preferable if the admins gave us an elevation in what we can and cannot do. It would not be a tall ask I would think. Removing accounts should be something we can do as mods, esp spammer accounts. There must be 100's of dead accounts taking up space.

My most often wished for change tho' is the ability to move internal DL file links from one page to another without the need to physically DL the file and re-upload it to that other page.


Hi, IIGS User

None of the bin-cue pairs that you have been putting up are recognised by Toast 7. I have tried Bibi Blocksberg 2, Bibi Blocksberg 4, Bibi und Tina 5, Bibi und Tina 6. However I AM able to convert them to a recognised bib-cue form using UltraIso on Windows (which is what I always use to create bin-cue pairs)