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Regarding age-of-mythology, I think it is best that we do not put it on the internal server until more time has passed.


Thank you for the Forestia 3 page. Now that I have a faster internet connection I can upload to the internal server once again. So I will upload Forestia 3 myself, and also Age of Mythology.


Hi IIGS User

soudesune sent me some more files. One of the games is Forestia 3. I have put the disc images on max1zzz's server:

http://files.max1zzz.co.uk/mrdav/Forestia3 CD1 (Ger).toast.sit
http://files.max1zzz.co.uk/mrdav/Forestia3 CD2 (Ger).toast.sit

but as you can see they are in German. There is an earlier French version here at:


so I thought we should also have this later version as well. However I cannot find a description of Forestia 3 anywhere in English. Maybe there is no English version. Would you like to make a page for this if you think it is a good idea? If you think it should not be uploaded, then that is OK.


Hi, IIGS User

None of the bin-cue pairs that you have been putting up are recognised by Toast 7. I have tried Bibi Blocksberg 2, Bibi Blocksberg 4, Bibi und Tina 5, Bibi und Tina 6. However I AM able to convert them to a recognised bib-cue form using UltraIso on Windows (which is what I always use to create bin-cue pairs)