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I just saw your post on my "guestbook". They should really have true user-to-user messaging system on this site, there's no notifications about these "guestbook posts" (at least I didn't receive any). Yoot Tower is an awesome game. I haven't played it in several years. I have the CD for it around somewhere, but at the moment I'm not positive where it is. I suspect it is in a self-storage locker right now. My life it a bit "spread out" at the moment so I can't locate things as easily as I normally could.

Are you interested in a version of Yoot Tower that's been ported to play in OS X (it's the same game, just updated to work on the newer OS)? Or a Windows version you could play if you emulate Windows on your Mac (or if you own a PC)? That I could help you with easily now. If not, I promise I will get that CD and make an image of it for you. I just can't say when I will be able to.

Please contact me via e-mail as it's unlikely I will ever check this "Guestbook" thing again. My e-mail is webdev.dylan@gmail.com.