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hey, thanks. will give it a shot!


RE: iBook

Download and burn to DVD and then boot from it.
Will give you the complete SMART status of your drive.
You can also do a non-destructive badblock scan


Holy crap, sorry for not responding sooner. I've been super busy and haven't logged in to MG until tonight when I saw your guestbook post. Yes, It seems to be a mac specific manual (48 pgs) with images and an appendix. Give me a week and I'll upload it to MG (unless you want me to e-mail it to you). Let me know if you're still interested. Again, sorry for the slow reply


I saw in your post that you have a Mac copy of Warlords with a manual. Do you still own this? Is that an original manual? The version uploaded here on macgarden has a text-only pdf version that doesn't have an appendix (and it may just be a copy of the PC version). I know they tweaked the game some for the Mac and I am really interested in getting a pdf of the actual Mac manual with appendix. Appreciate your time, thanks.