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Recovering Photos from Corrupt Digital Media Forum topic 2014 May 8 - 3:46pm
Bad Disk Block Utility? Forum topic 2015 Apr 19 - 1:22pm
Who is actually paying for MG? Forum topic 2017 Jul 29 - 3:10pm
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Request: Boris Graffiti 2.0 Forum topic 2013 Nov 14 - 1:47am
3-Button Optical Mouse Recommendation Forum topic 2014 Mar 6 - 6:25pm
Off Topic: JAVA 1.6 on OS X Leopard Forum topic 2014 Dec 6 - 2:23pm
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Are you still around? I’d like to help you upload the Celestin Apprentice #0-#5 CDs you mentioned a couple years ago.


Poser 4 now available on external link.
Tested and seems to work ok, please let me know if you are able to download and install ok, please let me know of any problems



i could kick u some paypal for ur trouble!


any chance i can get u the mac installer for reason 2.5 from you? i have the refil cds.. but not the program disc..!