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Titlesort icon Type Updated date
Adobe Illustrator 3 App 2016 Jun 12 - 9:50am
Adobe PageMill 2.0 App 2014 May 28 - 4:03am
Adobe PhotoDeluxe 1.x App 2018 Dec 9 - 8:53pm
Adobe Photoshop 3.0.5 LE App 2019 Nov 4 - 6:38am
Aldus PageMaker 5.0 App 2019 Oct 14 - 7:01am
AppleWorks 6.x App 2020 Mar 19 - 4:05pm
At Ease App 2016 Sep 9 - 8:44am
Bryce 2 App 2019 Nov 23 - 3:56pm
Carmageddon Game 2019 Mar 18 - 5:54pm
Carmageddon 1 FULL CD Game 2019 Mar 19 - 12:18am
Euryale joined us in July 22, 2009, and has been a member for 10 years 51 weeks.
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Hi Euryale, Smile

meanwhile I got a PC/Mac hybrid version of


Hi Euryale (dito) ,
nice to read this in the german Tagesschau website:
Höhere Steuer auf Kalorienbomben


Hi Euryale

I see that you provided a copy of the full CD of Carmageddon a long time ago. Those links died along with the demise of MU. Would you be willing to make another copy of combined game and audio tracks and put it somewhere that I can access? A bin-cue combination or anything else that captures both game and audio would be good. I will then copy it to my RapidShare account and make a "permanent" link available here. I currently host about 160GB of files for the Garden and am happy to add a copy of your CD.



¡Hola! Solo pasaba por aquí para saludar y agradecerte por todas tus excelentes contribuciones realizadas hasta ahora al sitio que me han sido de mucha utilidad.

¡Muchas gracias!


Hi Euryale, do you still create new songs?

Finally I managed to put my songs on-line by using

It was my goal to put the songs into the stores like Amazon or iTunes,
but I've created a Myspace and a Youtube profile as well.

Using Cubase to create these songs, it was not an easy step while using a PowerPC Mac when looking for new virtual musical instruments only available for Intel Macs. Now I'm using a MacBook Pro as main computer, and I'm happy with the VSTs available to me, but I was forced to change some sounds from PowerPC-only VSTs to current Intel-based VSTs, since Rosetta hadn't helped to run PowerPC-Plugins on Intel-based software.

See you again,

Nicolas Bahamondes

Just I wanted to say hello. It's my first time signing a guestbook.




Hi Euryale,
Mathematica 3 would probably work for you. I can help you with that.
Can you tell be what ROM you are using, and what OS? Then I will try it out myself, and make sure it works.


Hi Euryale: The Windows PC version of FM Pro 3 is on the CD download from the 2nd DL link on the Claris FilMaker Pro 3 page (a zipped .iso named "", its a 16.21 MB download). Its not only similar, it is identical to the Mac version, that is, their database files are usable on either the PC or Mac versions here (no conversions required). Only need to name these database files with a ".fp3" extension.

The CD .iso is of a hybrid Mac/PC CD, so you need to burn to CD and mount it on a PC to do the Windows install of FM Pro 3. The PC version runs just fine on Windows XP or earlier. So if thats you, you'll be "good to go" with this. Cheers.