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Last months i have the following setup:

1) Performa 6116, sonnet nubus G3 500mhz installed, 136mb ram, 72gb hard drive, apple 8100 video card 4mb, roland mt32, samsung monitor 15"
2) Macintosh LC475, 36mb ram, 4.5 gb hard drive, Macintosh Color Display Monitor M1212

The performa 6116 and the LC475 use the same keyboard (apple M3501) and mouse (macally) via a switch that i have with two positions.

3) Also i have a Powerbook 540c, a Powermac G4 MDD and an Imac G3 but i have months to turn them on.


hi can u re upload this program Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster i wanted t o install it to my mac but download no longer work marco)


Tested yersterday on my Mac Performa 6116. Plays great. Nice graphics, sound, movement.


I have Mac Os 7.6 installed and with the sonnet nubus g3 at 500 mhz it really goes fast. All these games i mentioned above are really great to play with the g3 card.


The old macintosh garden abandonware site was the reason that i decided to leave from windows. Now i have an Imac 20" with intel core 2 and snow leopard, an imac g3 at 500 Mhz for tough games like Return to Castel Wolfenstein, Dracula The Last Santcuary etc. and a Mac Performa 6116 (with sonnet nubus g3 at 500 Mhz and Roland MT32) for the most of the games.