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Hi Dax,
thanks for all the MACup & other entries support. Smile


Hi Daxeria. I recreated the Aldus Gallery Effects page here. I was unable to edit the page you created earlier and wasn't able even to view the Revisions on that page.
Looking closer at the GE disk set. Its actually Volume One of the Gallery Effects (version 1.Innocent. I also cleaned the DropBox install disks removing all OS X hidden file from this set and converted the ShrinkWarp 3.5 disk images to Disk Copy 4.2 format at the same time. I've left the link in to the DropBox set on my new page.


Thanks Daxeria, sad to report tho' recreating the Aldus Gallery Effects page has not fixed the issue for me and I still get the same "You are not authorized to access this page" error happening. Pretty weird.


Hello Daxeria: I'm getting this error on the "Aldus Gallery Effects" page, with error message:

You are not authorized to access this page.

... Which is quite extraordinary I would think, as its not happening on any other page for me, and its not one I've come across before.

I was about to upload the Gallery Effects (.sit) archive, to archive it at the MG (its only a couple of MB's), but so far I'm blocked from this page. The only clue for me is the above error message. Any clues your end? I was the last to edit this page previous to your update...


Hi Daxeria. I'm appreciating the new? category "Reference". I think its a good addition. There's one, tho' probably more, item[s] in the GAMES section that I think would be better placed in APPS under "Reference". I'm referring to "Apple Spec Database" which I think is especially misplaced. Would it be possible to move this over to APPS/Reference without resorting to creating a new entry for it, or not possible?