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Title Type Updated datesort icon
Scarab of Ra Game 2019 Dec 7 - 8:55pm
Factory Game 2019 Nov 27 - 11:25pm
Spider-Man 2 Game 2019 Nov 11 - 10:56pm
Zauron Game 2019 Nov 8 - 11:15am
The Dungeon Revealed Game 2019 Oct 7 - 5:25am
Super Hang-On Game 2019 Sep 12 - 11:45am
Macromedia Flash 2 App 2019 Sep 2 - 5:50am
Shanghai Game 2019 Aug 28 - 1:25pm
Pong Kombat 3 Game 2019 Aug 19 - 9:05am
Mortal Wombat II Game 2019 Aug 19 - 9:04am
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Hello. Did you happen to have in the box from the game "Robinson Crusoe" colorings or catalog from Tivola?


Hello. Sorry to ask about an edit from 2011 :> but do you recall why this bundles three games into one package? They aren't three releases or three components, they are separate titles in a franchise, so I assume they should have separate pages eventually. I read the guides but they didn't seem to address this level of detail about game selection (only whether something was abandonware or not) -- maybe I'm missing something obvious since I haven't tried uploading yet. Thanks!


Hey Dax, just wanted to leave a "thank you!" for putting up with my English skills and correcting my mistakes. Not a native speaker of English here, thus I'm heavily relying on good souls like you to "hone" my description texts Smile


Hi Dax. I removed links to the wanted games list from the old macdomain site as the domain no longer exists. Does the list still exist, elsewhere? Anyway I hope this is OK by you. The list's link was also in the old MCP posting, its also now removed.

I do remember the list from when the domain was still active. If it's still in your archives perhaps the list should be here in the wiki as a sticky entry.


Not sure you receive notification on your After Dark page
So putting my comment here too Smile

Good News!! I have found that After Dark does work in Classic mode (on OSX) if run in demo mode. Simply set it to your desired module, or in random mode, then move the entire AD window so far 'into' the top left of your screen that you will just be able to click on the DEMO button. Enjoy!!


Thanks for the further corrections to the Marathon/Aleph One pages. In fact you managed to recover certain info I was unable to find. A word of advice though, you may want to keep Aleph One & Rubicon within the "Marathon 2" engine category to avoid confusion from new users (after all Aleph One's just an extension to the old M2 engine).


Any reason you changed my corrections to the Marathon pages? Some of the info from the 2014 revision was inaccurate.


Thanks for correcting every single app/game I upload here Tongue