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Its up here now. But, big caveat, its specs say it requires a minimum of 4.2 MB of physical RAM to run, which will negate it ever being used on a 68k Mac such as your SE.

Any reason why you need to run an email client on an SE? An email client requiring IMAP, that is?

My earliest internet days were spent using a Mac SE FDHD & a dial-up modem. On this I used NewsWatcher for usenet, MacWeb 1.00A3.2 for browsing (later replaced this with the superior Wannabe) and for email, I used Eudora Lite.

If you don't need IMAP then the POP mail client, Eudora Lite may work for you, too.


I'll put up a copy of Mulberry for you shortly. I don't know if it will run on a 68000 cpu like an SE tho'. If it does, then great. Won't be too long, just need to do a little rummaging Wink