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Be a hero today! (free porn inside - that's a lie, but click anyway) Forum topic 2020 Dec 25 - 8:56am
Calling all hackers - a list of old software that needs hacking Forum topic 2020 Dec 20 - 6:56pm
Twin Turbo Software 4.06 App 2020 Dec 18 - 6:15pm
Berlin Connection [German] Game 2020 Dec 13 - 2:02pm
Air Warrior Game 2020 Dec 4 - 6:15am
Trash X - A Desktop Trashcan for Mac OS X App 2020 Nov 29 - 3:38pm
GIMP-Print App 2020 Nov 29 - 3:30pm
Europa Universalis 3 Complete Game 2020 Nov 25 - 6:58pm
Extensis Mask Pro 3.0 App 2020 Nov 21 - 2:25am
MacLorem App 2020 Nov 16 - 5:23pm
Bolkonskij joined us in August 3, 2009, and has been a member for 11 years 25 weeks.
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"Bolkonskij, you are such a cheat!" Well, how true is that! I run Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium, a page dedicated to cheats and walkthroughs for MacOS games but accessible from your old Mac.

I'm also the one behind, home for orphaned Quicktime videos on the web.


Hi Bolkonskij

I see that you originally uploaded Top Gun, but now the links are dead with the demise of MU. If you would like to put the images somewhere that I can reach, I will be happy to host the files more permanently.

mrdav, I fear it is gone from my hard disk. I couldn't locate it. I am not 100% sure yet, but I couldn't find it on a first try and that usually means nothing good (since I structured my data very well). If I should find it, I'll reupload it though.


Hi Bolkonskij
You're welcome. It's been sitting on my desk now for a while now.


Bolkonskij-sama e
Would you e-mail me your paypal e-mail address please? I owe you money.
I haven't forgotten your PM 7100/66 needs. I'll be looking through my mound of parts and machines sometime soon, mehopes.
mata ne


There'll be an internal scsi zip drive coming your way soon. Would you be so good as to send it on me please? thanks soudesune


Commented on your not so recent upload of World War 6, and requested an alternative download link. Hopefully you can fix it? Anyway, thanks.



Scottie Watson

I saw that you are on the verge of releasing Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds as abandonware. Can't wait to check it out sooner or later! Hopefully sooner haha. xD