Title Type Updated datesort icon
MacPressens Jubilee CD 2000 App 2020 May 10 - 11:10am
Netscape Navigator 1.x App 2020 Apr 7 - 3:28am
TurboGopher 2.0.3 App 2019 Oct 13 - 7:30pm
MacWeather App 2017 Mar 29 - 7:53pm
Adobe Photoshop Elements 1.0.1 App 2016 Feb 8 - 8:56am
Microsoft Wine Guide App 2015 May 7 - 8:50pm
Sleeper 1.x App 2015 Feb 26 - 6:00pm
GL Viewer 1.1.1 App 2014 Dec 11 - 2:26am
WTB: USB Mouse / Tiger Discs Forum topic 2011 Jan 15 - 3:46pm
Powermacintosh G3 Chassi Free Forum topic 2011 Jan 2 - 12:39am
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Hi bittin, sad to say but 3 of your recent uploads are not usable on their intended platforms:

BBEdit 5.0 - BBEdit5.iso
Conflict Catcher 8 - CC8.iso
Virtual PC 1.0 - VPC1.iso

All have critical Macintosh resource fork data missing from the .iso's contents.

These pages, will be removed. If you have any questions on how to create .iso images in a suitable format for archival, please ask in the forum.

-- Garden Moderator


I'm so sorry, it is actually Pelegirl5284 AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks again!


Hi there! I am in desperate need of an invite to I have been trying to get help, but have had no luck. I would truly appreciate it. My email is: pelegirl AT gmail DOT com

Thank you!