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Ken Nitrochrome

Hey it's great to get some Mac stuff here..I had the SE sitting and hoping for a few thank you very I have a working Mac SE..just seems like the SE stuff is mixed in with the PowerPC and I'm new at the Mac stuff here..I don't knwo what works..been PC up till now. Cheers.

Ken Nitrochrome

Hi...bad sit files...err....lots of very bad...sorry...just looking for ones that work...Smile


Thanks for your efforts on keeping the Mac Garden alive!!! Much appreciated, Balrog.



Hi and Thanks for this site, is amazing for all of us we have been work with a Mac

All the old stuff is great and there is a lot of that I had never have.

Today I have my own old hardware and regulary I spend some time traying to set up old OS, like the stuff I'v found here.

What can I do to get some OS like NextStep or BeOS that are not online?

If there is something than I can do to help and get what I need, please let me know

Thanks Again


Thanks for the awesome additions to mac garden Smile .


Thanks buddy! You're the man! This is great to comment on a homepage!