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Titlesort icon Type Updated date
Audion 3.0.2 App 2021 Jan 12 - 12:46am
AutoCAD App 2013 May 28 - 12:56pm
Battle Chess Game 2015 Dec 22 - 12:59am
battle-girl Game 2016 Apr 15 - 2:05pm
BMUG PD-ROM B3 App 2016 Feb 22 - 5:28am
BMUG PD-ROM C1 App 2016 Feb 22 - 5:22am
Bryce 3D (version 3) App 2019 Oct 8 - 4:58am
Bryce 4 App 2019 Nov 24 - 5:18pm
Bullet Ex Game 2020 Jan 21 - 8:49pm
Capitalism Game 2013 Dec 14 - 9:27pm
Attila joined us in April 22, 2009, and has been a member for 11 years 44 weeks.
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Hi, Attila. Looks like your original MS Word 98 upload was recoverable, and an alternative home has been found for it. Thanks all the same for that upload.


Hi, Attila: Would it be possible to upload your copy of MS Word 98 to an alternative site, too? Link is unavailable due to site's file size restrictions and edit trick is also broken. Cheers & thanks if you can.


Hey. Are you still around? Contact me Smile.