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FutureSplash Animator (Macromedia Flash 1.0) App 2020 Oct 13 - 4:44am
Ethernet installer 5.0 App 2020 Sep 26 - 5:32pm
NASCAR Racing 1994 Game 2020 Sep 22 - 11:01pm
Looking for "Tivola Demo CD-ROMs und Bücher 2001 Herbst" ... Forum topic 2020 Sep 12 - 5:10pm
Beware of the Dog Game 2020 Sep 12 - 10:08am
System 7.1 (Українська версія) App 2020 Aug 31 - 9:33am
Apple Guide Complete 1995 Game 2020 Aug 29 - 8:22am
Mac OS X 10.5. Руководство по приручению Леопарда App 2020 Jul 11 - 11:52am
How Many Bugs in a Box? Game 2020 May 13 - 3:35pm
Apple Very Safe Mail App 2020 May 10 - 2:37pm
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Old programs and games are all I like. I work on the repair and restoration of computers.

Here is my YouTube channel.


through which program do you usually create images of games?

Toast 10 on Mac for standard CD ROM titles (this application is outdated, unfortunately), and creating custom-made ones),
and (as a result of a suggestion within this site), UltraISO to create bin/cue images when it comes to Mixed-Mode CD ROMs (ROM + Audio).

When I tried to create a standard ISO file of Maus1, UltraISO refuses to continue, when bin/cue file format was not selected. So I used Toast instead, but with this CD, it took a while to be finished, probably because of some copy protection stuff on it.

When it comes to mount such CD images, probably we need an application (such as Virtual CD/DVD-ROM Utility, which makes it better than standard CD mount applications to let the game believe there is an original CD inserted.


It is excellent to get these PDF publications from you today. However, technical publications about the Mac, programming, fonts etc should be uploaded under the APPS section and not Games.

Thanks for these works all the same.