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Noiz2sa Game 2020 Dec 12 - 7:09pm
IDevilOSX Game 2020 Dec 3 - 4:04pm
stack-attack (test version 2) Game 2020 Nov 10 - 4:07pm
Folder Icons by Dave Aitken App 2020 Jul 12 - 12:05pm
IconsToGoBundle App 2020 Jun 28 - 11:57am
Bogamir's Copland Icon Poop Set [Second edition] App 2020 Jun 19 - 4:10pm
Maction's Icons App 2020 Jun 13 - 2:52am
The Far Side App 2020 May 12 - 6:11pm
Elleair Icons Vol. I App 2020 May 6 - 2:19pm
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Icons App 2020 Apr 30 - 1:13am
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It is my belief that un- and less- restricted computer platforms are of great importance, as a user of one of those computer platforms does not lose the ability to use it if the provider of that computer platform stops supporting it, users are not artificially limited in what they may do using those computer platforms, and it is more difficult to censor content created or consumed on those computer platforms; therefore, I try to preserve here information about- and tools for creating and consuming content on, or for otherwise using,- "vintage" Macs, a computer platform that is amongst those that I think are un- or less- restricted and still useful today for creating or consuming content, and for other uses.

Nb. If it is stated in the documentation to something that I've preserved here that the author must give explicit permission before that something may be redistributed, I've always at least tried to contact the author to ask for their permission — more often than not to discover that the contact information for the author in that documentation is long out of date…