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Minecraft 1.5.2 Definitive Edition Game 2020 Jul 12 - 11:45am
MicroMac Accelerator Software App 2020 May 30 - 10:41am
GPGTools (Leopard and Tiger) App 2020 May 30 - 10:14am
MacSnail App 2020 May 25 - 12:10am
MRJ 1.5.1 App 2020 May 7 - 8:10am
Vremya App 2020 Mar 19 - 9:20pm
Orniwell App 2020 Mar 9 - 8:17pm
A Better Finder Rename App 2020 Mar 9 - 8:18am
DOCMaker App 2020 Mar 9 - 12:01am
AliasMenu App 2020 Mar 8 - 4:45pm
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All I have to say is that I'm a PowerMac user and I enjoy classic game that don't have micro transactions or intrusive DRM. I grew up playing PlayStation games.


Hi, all of the .hqx files you added earlier, were damaged. They are missing the binhex header and a portion of their code, which makes them non-repairable.

I needed to place a similar message in each of the uploads pages to alert others to the situation as heads-up to all.

If you are able to replace these with good copies, it would be great. Thanks.

My apologies, I got all those files for Mac.org, another abandonware archive. I noticed they had lots of apps & utilities we lack here. I will reupload them when I get a chance.