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Have been using "classic" macs from 1987 to round about 2005, but I did not migrate to OSX until I recently set up a Hackintosh with my wife´s old XP box.
My everyday machines today are dual core X86 running Windows or Linux as needed.
Linux is a good host system for Mac emulation, Snow Leopard is the greatest.

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hey 24bit,
got your message, thank you. A ppc only site would be awesome. I feel we're going this route now here at the MG? If you could send me a link to SiT10, I'd highly appreciate it Smile


Something went wrong or get stuck in some spam filter maybe.

Try contacting me at mike DOT ovg86 AT emteedee DOT net
Cheers, Mike.


Either the database is faulty or my memory is even worse than I thought

My betting is on the former and not the latter Wink

I was more concerned that you had run Tao on your system before uploading, than finding it infected... 666 is an invasive nuisance, tho some variants are more destructive than others... Cheers.


Hi 24bit: Hadn't heard back from you, so I've replaced the (666) infected Tao Te Ching with a cleaned copy.

Cheers, Mike.


Hi 24bit: I'm a bearer of bad tidings here. Your upload of "Tao Te Ching" is virus infected with "666" a.k.a. SevenDust.

That said and because you uploaded this and presumably have run it on your system (screenshot on Tao page is yours?), then you have infected your own system without a doubt.

Its a late comer in classic Mac nuisances, therefore not too many anti-vir programs on OS 9 and earlier can detect it, however its quite a nasty one and very vigorous.

Virex 6.1 available from here can detect and remove 666 strains successfully. You need to also use the 2007 def files (included) with the Virex DL as earlier defs will not detect this.

If you wish I can replace your copy of Tao Te Chang with a cleaned version, but you really must look at any system you have run or installed Tao to.

Best regards, Mike


Hi 24bit

Corel Gallery 2.0 has been on my list for a while and no one else has volunteered a replacement copy. I will be happy to host it on RS if you make a toast image and put it somewhere I can reach.


Somehow my image of Baldur's Gate CD1 is no good, and I don't have the original. Did you say you had that CD? The rest work, it's just the first disk.


Hi 24bit.
About the winworldpc link. Yes I had seen it. It was the Centris/Quadra 660AV/840AV upload of SSW 7.1 that was totally fubar (and had incensed me because of the clumsy way it had been archived). Absolutely unrecoverable - sad to say. Thanks for the link anyways.

Copland Dev.

What's Zip-It??? Does it unzip .7Z files?


Hey 24bit, sorry I missed your email of February 2011, as my Hotmail account is all spam. You can email me via this forum, should reach my main email account! I still have the Grappler SCSI card from Orange Micro(?), and I assume it will work fine in any PC or Hackintosh (dunno about PPC or real macs). Grappler were well supported on real Macs back in the day, but it may be a stretch finding drivers now!


would you mind giving me a pointer to that Lauri Pesonen BII version you are currently running with Windows?...

My Basilisk II is v.0.8 - build 142, which was the final build by Lauri before he moved on to more rewarding programming adventures Wink

Mounting SCSI drives requires SCSI support on the host PC - usually a PCI card such as an Adaptec card like they used to sell/or optionally install with the Beige G3 towers & original B/W Macs.

How to, from Lauri's Win specific notes:
scsi0 ... scsi6
is: <"Vendor"> <"Model">

Example: scsi0 "HP" "CD-Writer+ 7100"

Note the use of quotes.

Since your build is version 94 here is the changelog of Lauri's BII port - down to build 94 (feel free to delete this as it is kind of long Wink

About SCSI and Lauri's port - themacmeister noted:

I need to point out that even the authors of BasiliskII do not recommend using real hard drives, especially via that SCSI page.

Where is "that SCSI page"? The only warnings I can detect are in the the GUI where it warns about mounting SCSI drives plus using the Mac's flaky PC Exchange to write to them which can corrupt HDs (up until what shipped with Mac OS 8.1 - and then its not perfect). This port can mount SCSI HDs without the drive mounting on the host PC's OS.

themacmeisters offer of the Orange Grappler SCSI card is a very good offer 'tho if there are drivers for it that will work on your current Win OS.


Hi 24bit, I saw your post on MikeTomTom's guestbook --> I need to point out that even the authors of BasiliskII do not recommend using real hard drives, especially via that SCSI page.

PS. I have an unused OrangeMicro (Grappler) SCSI PCI card for PC if you are interested (free!)