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Hi FG,
I've put the spreadsheet onto Microsoft OneDrive. If you have an account there, I can assign you read/write rights. My e-mail address should be somewhere on this site. I'm sure I gave it in when I registered some 10 years ago. Otherwise, I can send it to you.
I could also upload onb the the Mac Garden and trust that the members will add to it honestly.
all the best,

Excellent, I'll get in touch with you shortly Smile

Dog Cow

Hi Smile

Hello there !


Yes, why not?
I've never actually done it but I can look into it.
I'll let you know once I've figured it out and actually done it.


Hi fogWraith,

I'm currently preparing a spreadsheet with all of the mac games I can find that can be played locally as LAN games. I have three kinds of LANs in mind: a group of B&W compact macs (running SSW 6.0.8), a group of LC475s (running Mac OS 8.1) and a group of Mac Mini G4s all running Mac OS 9.2.2. Almost all Mac Mini G4s have a 32MB ATi Radeon 9200 chipset but between a 1.25GHz and 1.42GHz G4 with a bus running at 167GHz. They are super Mac OS 9 games machines.

I have 6 games so far for the compact macs (Maze Wars+, NetTrek, ArmorAlley, Pararena 2.0, Spectre, Spectre Supreme, Bolo ), another 7 for the LC475 (Doom, Marathon I, Spectre VR, Command & Conquer, Doom II, Marathon 2: Durandal, WarCraft I ) and the rest are either PPC Mac OS 9 (or below) or Mac OS X (10.3 or below). I have, by no means, finished the list.

I'm up to 87 games so far and since I've only ever played about 10 of them as LAN games, I'm having to rely on what is written in the manual or in the games notes.

Bolkonskij mentioned that you are preparing something in this regard with the Mac Garden redesign. Would you like a copy of my findings? I am, by no means, finished.

Kind regards

Such a list would be highly interesting as it is something I'm looking at adding for games that are missing the data.

Would it be possible to have this created as a spreadsheet on google drive, perhaps?


thanks for getting in touch; your help is very much appreciated! Wink


Hi fogwraith,
I've been away a while from the site and I see that Maedi's account is marked as disabled.
Did I miss some unpleasantness? Is there a relevant forum link?
Kind regards,

There hasn't been any unpleasantness, but if you'd like more information, kindly use the contact form. It's simply a matter of how Drupal deals with the account with ID of #1.


Hi fogWraith,

You are now a team member of the garden for 8 years & so, to celebrate that, I would like to know what software u are dreaming to be on this site ? It could be a soft that gonna get out of the 10 years rule. Just let me know, please. Thxs. Smile