Not sure if you're still on here... but did you ever get any further or find any hints or other resources for Mountain of Mayhem? I just found it in conjunction w/ the Mini vMac emulator, and have gotten a little way into it but I appear to be stuck on multiple fronts...
1. Can I kill or tame Adolf?
2. Who is the farmer lady?
3. What can the blacksmith do for me?
4. I need keys for EVERYTHING (room key at Ripley’s doesn’t work anywhere else)
5. Can I kill / tame / trick the rat?
6. What can Zwid do for me???
7. Who / what is in the East Tower?
8. Do I need the room at the Inn?
9. How do I get past the acid?
10. What is the U-shaped wall thing for?
11. Do I need to defeat the black knight?
12. How do I get past the chimney trap?
13. Is there any escape other than the Troglodite cave from Zod’s gallery?
14. Who / what is the two-legged form shooting me in the forest? Does it cause damage? Can he be caught / killed?
15. Does the lightning rod serve any purpose? Or is it just the spell that works?
16. Can I get the bone from Zwid’s workshop desk?