Hey furrball!

Saw your post on the Castle of Ert page! In my corner of the Internet I run the Cheat Emporium, a page solely dedicated to cheats, hints & walkthroughs for Mac OS games. My goal is to build THE ultimate page for anything cheats Mac OS (that is without an 'X').

I'm especially interested in covering 80s games & shareware as those were the unsung heroes of Mac gaming (and not the PC ports). Would you consider letting me put up your solutions & hints (with your credits!) on the Emporium so others can easily find and look them up?

I've been planning on playing those world builder adventures myself but I haven't yet managed. But it sure sounds like a nice challenge Smile
What do you say?


Whoa!!! A reply. Thrilling! ha ha
Totally agree, I think a carefully-crafted hints progression would be cool as well.

Would you prefer email to this message board? Eliminates a layer of responses, I guess... whatever you'd prefer. Mine's

For now...
Ok, much of this I've figured out on my own since I posted... I found absolutely NOTHING anywhere for this game, which is so surprising to me. I figured all of these would have solutions posted somewhere.

A couple interesting notes:
-- "climb" also works for the U-shaped thing (hadn't tried "get on")
-- Zwid will accept different things in exchange for the painting trick... I'm worried that I'll need to go all the way back to that exchange at some point because what I traded him is something I actually need (either the crown, the bowl, the gold vase... not sure if he'd trade for the peanut??)
-- if you ever fight the guards at the Baron's castle, or the farmer's dog, those actions stick with you throughout the rest of the game! Every time you revisit those spots, they immediately attack

Ok. So now:
1. I have the silver key AND the brass key...
I assume there's a gold key somewhere, I haven't found it
2. Got the kids back to Radcliff, he gave me an empty gold box. Can't open it.
3. Still haven't found a purpose for the blacksmith, the shop or widow, the inn or the room, or the farmer's wife
4. I was able to get out of the "foyer" area w/ all the items, I think... peanut, rope, Holy Hand Grenade, vorpal mouse, message, and bottle of fine wine... and I was pretty proud of myself that I remembered to bring the rope with me after defeating the Eye thing
5. Fireball spell -- I have three uses left... tried it on the dog, and along w/ a couple halberd and lightning hits, I got him all the way down to "good" condition once! But I always run out of blue potion and get killed before I can defeat him
6. Do you know if knocking down the suits of armor (or leaving one or both standing) outside Zod's gallery has any affect on the game?
7. Is it possible to go through door 1, 2, or 4 in the four-door room, or do they just keep closing and producing more minotaurs?

I think that's about it right now... I guess I need to try defeating the Black Knight.

Thanks again for the response!

...ha... well, that was easy Wink but now I can't unlock the north dining room door, and can't find another way out! The key quest continues.


hi Furrball,

how cool that you are actually playing this. I still haven't completed the game and don't have 100% definitive answers to all your questions but definitely to some. Beware, it will contain spoilers but I'll try to keep it to a minimum, please find answers below:

I tried tracking down Curtis Marsden, the game's author, online but no luck so far.
I did the same and I'm pretty sure I found him on linkedIn but he never responded to any of my messages.

1. Can I kill or tame Adolf?
I don't know, I have never managed to do so. Given the progression of the story I think it is unlikely he either can or is meant to be killed. I think it is just one of those traps that are there to get you killed.

2. Who is the farmer lady?
same as above, I don't think there is a function, but I'm not 100% sure.

3. What can the blacksmith do for me?
same as above: no function I suppose.

4. I need keys for EVERYTHING (room key at Ripley’s doesn’t work anywhere else)
I haven't found all of them, but the answer to question 5 does relate to this.

5. Can I kill / tame / trick the rat?
yes you can kill it: you need the lightning rod for this. If you're in the library in front of the fireplace and given the command 'search' to reveal the hidden door, open it and give the command: "drop lightning rod". Use the lightning spell to kill the rat and find a silver key.

6. What can Zwid do for me???
You'll be able to take the painting from the picture gallery which include the sons from the old man in the shack ( the guy who will guide you to the mountain of mayhem lair). Zwid will be able to restore them from the picture for you. You have to give the painting to him.

7. Who / what is in the East Tower?
with the silver key you can open the safe once you go up in the library through the hidden door in the ceiling. This safe will contain a levitation spell. once you're at the tower, you can use the levitation spell to go up to the barred window.

8. Do I need the room at the Inn?
I don't think so.

9. How do I get past the acid?
you can use the command "get on" when you're standing at the "strange device". But it will just get you to a section that you can also reach in another way.

10. What is the U-shaped wal thing for?
see #9

11. Do I need to defeat the black knight?
yes you can with a specific weapon you'll find later in the game.

12. How do I get past the chimney trap?
I don't think you can, it's just a trap to get you killed.

13. Is there any escape other than the Troglodite cave from
Zod’s gallery?
no, you need to be lucky and kill it. make sure you save before you go in there.

14. Who / what is the two-legged form shooting me in the forest? Does it cause damage?
Can he be caught / killed?
just another trap in the game, It does cause damage and you cannot kill it.

15. Does the lightning rod serve any purpose? Or is it just the spell that works?
see #5

16. Can I get the bone from Zwid’s workshop desk?

no I don 't think so.

I've gotten further in the game but did ran into many dead ends again. If you're interested we could team up and see if we can crack the game together eventually. Maybe create a walkthrough guide together once we cracked it Smile You can reach out to me directly via