Hey Relion81 -- I recently found Mini vMac and am also playing (and totally stuck in) Mountain of Mayhem... Any luck? I tried tracking down Curtis Marsden, the game's author, online but no luck so far. Seems crazy that there's NOTHING, no hints anywhere on this game...
Here's my current WTF list Wink
1. Can I kill or tame Adolf?
2. Who is the farmer lady?
3. What can the blacksmith do for me?
4. I need keys for EVERYTHING (room key at Ripley’s doesn’t work anywhere else)
5. Can I kill / tame / trick the rat?
6. What can Zwid do for me???
7. Who / what is in the East Tower?
8. Do I need the room at the Inn?
9. How do I get past the acid?
10. What is the U-shaped wall thing for?
11. Do I need to defeat the black knight?
12. How do I get past the chimney trap?
13. Is there any escape other than the Troglodite cave from Zod’s gallery?
14. Who / what is the two-legged form shooting me in the forest? Does it cause damage? Can he be caught / killed?
15. Does the lightning rod serve any purpose? Or is it just the spell that works?
16. Can I get the bone from Zwid’s workshop desk?