Did you find some more Pixeline Games?


though if you can add some missing Windows/Mac Pixeline CD-Rom Game iSOs in Legends World or on google drive

I am on a "budget connection" and will therefore upload them to the garden only.


Thank you for your reply and if possible please tell me which titles work and which do not.

I have had some issues with the CD´s, some are twenty years old and have been handled by children for as many years.
I will reupload them as I find them and the time in second hand shops, but I can not guarantee that you can play them without either burning them to a CD or mount them with toast.

The images and the compression have been made with Toast 5 and Stuffit 7 respectively.


Hello lassesor

Thank you for having the large Pixeline Games collection and for archiving them here.

Unfortunately some of the recent uploads are zipped folders only and do not include an image of the original CD. See my comments made in Pixelinen Kroppen.

If these zipped files are containing only the extracted folder of the game, then they are not playable on another machine and require the CD to be inserted. This is a big problem for users who might want a copy of the game and it makes for extra work for you if you have to redo and re-upload archives.

Thank you for your consideration.


Could you please update them to replace the unplayable zip files with the usual .Toast ones


I knew that Some Pixeline Games are just zip files.. Making them unplayable without a CD