I'm a newbie on macintoshgarden and so happy to have found it and believe it is a wonderful resource for so many Mac-O-Philes! But, I am relatively new at burning disc images using either Disk Utility or Toast – I do have Toast 5.2 installed on the TiBook 1GHz, have downloaded the TiBook 9.2.2 Toast.sit file, and now desperately need step-by-step help in burning a bootable system for emergency use. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't understand what a "toast.sit" format is or how to use or burn it. Is it important to burn the download image to DVD or to CR-R? Or would both work on the TiBook? I've burned simple files to CD-R before for general storage, but I simply don't understand what's involved in burning a bootable disc using the "Toast.sit" file I just downloaded. I already have the General MacOS 9.2.2 installed on the TiBook with some updates and it's working fine.So thankful for any and all help please! Smile