David "papa" Meyer, Takarazuka, Japan

deni the Mac: Power Mac G4 Cube + Mac OS X 10.4.11 / Mac OS J1-9.2.2


Hi David, "Beyond Cyberpunk" has been added to the MG, if you're still interested in this project.

Regards, MTT


Hello David. Someone has created the page "Beyond Cyberpunk" here at the garden - see tracker. Thought you might be interested. Some nice screenshots - Tho' the page creator has yet to add content. I have my fingers crossed.

Cheers, MTT


Hello David. A recent post to the Garden caught my eye which I thought could interest you. If you haven't seen it yet, its for the topic "Free G4 Mac Laptop and Japanaese Software" posted today.

Some good software titles here.
- MikeTomTom